would the argos ever cut ricky?

just curious not crazy but if they ever saw his heart wasn't in it or whatever who be exempted (besides the fact itd be a media disaster).
maybe that's why he got all the rb reps tonight.
if seen as too much for the argos and could it end up not needing a distaction the whole season
ricky's needs to be involved in the game or argos need to run ther normal pass happy offence.which is important more to this club?

well, ranek had 13 carries for 35 yards, to lead the tabbies in rushing.

williams had 11 touches for 46 yards....so i doubt hes gonna get cut..

both players will get better with more playing time.

Ricky Williams could be something of a distraction to the team. But enough a distraction for them to cut him? Sounds like you're saying that Ricky Williams will be like a Ronald Williams. :slight_smile:

But I also think he'll improve as the season progresses. I still would not be surprised at all if Williams turns out leading the league in rushing yards, even in a Kent Austin run offense.

Ricky played something along the lines of 3 qtrs... Avery got in there in the 4th. From what I've seen, Avery looks more shifty and dangerous than Ricky, albeit it is preseason and it is still 2 weeks into Ricky's CFL tenure.

If Avery were to consistently perform better than Williams deep into the regular season, it'd be interesting to see the dissension between what the football team wants and what the front office wants in terms of on-field success vs. Miami Dolphins sweaters sitting in otherwise empty seats...

He won't get cut

a) it was preseason
b) he's an NFL Pro-Bowler
c) it was preseason
d) he's an NFL Pro-Bowl MVP
e) it was preseason
f) he's an expensive cut
g) it was preseason

Hell ya, cut the bum, after their home opener, he,s drawn 25 thousand nfl fans, so now cut him .besides just a mark for all CFL D,s . they all want to pound # 27 on the argo,s