Would the Als boot Higgins for Trestman...

...if Trestman were to be fired from the slumping Bears and wished to return to the Als only as Head Coach?
or do you believe Wetenhall to be fully committed to Higgins regardless of the availability of Trestman?


I can't imagine Trestman becoming available, and even if he did I'm sure another NFL team would grab him, but I've always thought Higgins was a short term solution. He was hired late when they couldn't find anybody else and his track record is suspect, especially after five years as head of officials. He's gone at season's end IMHO.

I don't think they would boot Higgins but likely would move him into the position Desjardins occupied as Assistant GM. The Als really want Calvillo to stay and I'm sure Calvillo and Trestman would love working together. I doubt the Bears will can Trestman because of Cutler's contract. My guess is they replace their DC and start rebuilding their defense through the draft. The Bears have nowhere to go for the next 3 years anyway.

C'est une bonne question. Il y a du pour et du contre au sujet de Trestman. C'est un entraîneur assez envahissant pour ses collègues de travail et sa faiblesse est de négliger ce qu'il ne connaît pas : la défensive et les unités spéciales.

Pour voir le retour de Trestman à Montréal comme une perspective vraiment encourageante, j'aimerais qu'il ait moins d'ascendant sur le choix des entraîneurs qui auront à travailler avec lui. Trestman donne plus de considération à la qualité des relations personnelles qu'il a avec eux qu'aux résultats de leurs unités sur le terrain. Ce n'est pas ainsi qu'on doit diriger une équipe de football professionnel. Il devra avoir corrigé cette tendance, qui est à mon avis ce qui est en train de le perdre à Chicago.

Trestman est un bon entraîneur, probablement la meilleure tête offensive à être passée à Montréal. Mais il a connu ses meilleures saisons avec les entraîneurs que Jim Popp avait choisis pour le seconder. Trestman devrait tirer des leçons de ça. Plus il a eu le champ libre pour choisir ses entraîneurs, plus les Alouettes ont perdu en compétitivité. Encore cette saison, lorsque les Alouettes ont eu besoin de renfort pour repartir l'équipe, c'est Popp qui a été chercher le personnel qui manquait. Curieusement, ça s'est remis à fonctionner à partir de ce moment-là. Trestman devrait donc se concentrer sur la direction de l'équipe sur le terrain et laisser les embauches à Popp. Si chacun travaille dans le meilleur de ses forces, le résultat sera plus intéressant, et c'est précisément ce que ces 5 années ont démontré.

Mais si Trestman est pour revenir avec les mêmes faiblesses que celles qu'il avait avant de partir pour Chicago, j'aimerais autant que les Alouettes regardent ailleurs que du côté de Trestman.

I can see trestman going to Ottawa.

I agree. Higgins, IMO, gets no credit for the Als turnaround. Adding Schoenert and Garcia to support/guide Dinwiddie, and Matthews to chat with Thorpe, is what turned things around. The one aspect of the Als game that has not improved in terms of its system/design is ST, which fall under Higgins. Any improvement is from individuals (e.g., Whyte and Rodgers) performing well.

Frankly I expect Schoenert may be the HC next season with Garcia and Dinwiddie in the OC/QB roles (which is which TBD), and a dedicated ST coach. But I would welcome Trestman back, with an iron-clad contract. Didn't like how he left, but personal is personal and business is business.

If Trestman is let go he will likely use his year remaining under contract to do other stuff and look for opportunities like he did when North Carolina let him go.

Probably, but I think he really did appreciate the Als taking a chance on him as a HC and if Popp/Whettenhal called he would at least listen.

Trestman a dit qu'il a passé parmi les plus belles années de sa vie à Montréal. Madame Trestman aussi.

Quand on connaît le personnage, on sait que ça compterait dans la balance, surtout que ses filles sont maintenant à l'université.

Trestman said a lot of things but every off season was looking for a job and left the Als in a lurch.
IMO sequels are never as good as the original.

C'est vrai.

Je pense quand même qu'il serait meilleur que Higgins, surtout si ce n'est pas lui qui choisit ses adjoints.

Faute de mieux...

I don’t see the Al’s dropping Higgins for Trestman. If Trestman get’s dumped from the Bears, and can’t catch on as a OC in the NFL, I think you’d see Ottawa or Winnipeg dropping big dough for Trestman over Montreal. It’s just one of those things, you got to keep moving forward or side to side at least in the Football business.

From Higgins, going back to Trestman would be moving forward.

Would Winnipeg and Ottawa really dump a carefully interviewed and selected HC after only one year? Higgins was a last minute band-aid, a different context; especially since Popp would be making/recommending this decision.

Total agree with your five first words. Trestman is a valued coach. However Higgins track record is very good, just go back and check. His a great judge of talent. How lets get real. Yes he was a last minute selected guy, Your maybe much smarter then me . Who brought in the players at the end last year as problems arose!! MMME. Who name the starting QB this season, MMMM. wasn't Higgins.
Who demanded that they play a new backup guy Compton!! Higgins. Were are als now, on the way up.
Great decision by Higgins. Normally takes 5 years to turn a disaster around. May not happen but Higgins could be the coach off the year,

Shouldn't it be the first "six" words; otherwise it is bit open-ended (i.e., "I can't imagine Trestman becoming...")? :wink:

And it was Popp that went out and got Crompton, not Higgins; and the slow improvement in the offence and the evolution of Crompton began after Popp brought in Schoenert and Garcia to work with Dinwiddie, and then Crompton. Higgins may be Coach of the Year, after all that is selected by the august (for anyone who isn't familiar with the usage: http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/august_2) geniuses in the Football Reporters of Canada, but a reason to make a personnel decision.

Sorry, I've never been impressed with Tom Higgins. He had a couple of good years in Edmonton with a team he inherited, and did win a Cup (2003) as HC, but it's been downhill from there. In three years as HC in Calgary (2005-7) his regular season record is just over .500 (28-25) and his team got bounced from the playoffs in the semi all three years....why didn't he last longer? Then he was out of coaching entirely for almost six years when he was the Director of Officiating.....if he's such a great coach, how could he possibly be one phone call away from a coaching job...and never got the call?

Not a fan of the guy.

However it was Higgins that wanted to start and play Crompton. Star boy was also brought in by GM and was named starter
in training camp from day one. Bad decision for sure. Okay Where is he playing now.??? Another big star flop. Higgins is okay.

If Trestman would choose to come right back to the Als as HC in a bears firing scenerio He would definitely be hired back ASAP. Higgins staying with the Als in that capacity in the front office would also be the likely scenerio as well. So there would be no concern of paying another fired coach.
Trestman likely would have a huge amount of $$$ in a buyout of his current contract so he would not be in demand for an outrageous HC salary or a bonus up front. Being back in the conforts of Montreal with an already top young DC in place would also help should he be up for a HC spot elswehre. The Als can keep Thorpe with a nice bonus, like Dickenson in Calgary, knowing he will likely be the Als HC with trestman as well moving to the front office to coach the coaches on offense. Garcia OC, AC QB coach, etc.

Right now the Bears owner has no intention of making changes. But he clearly expects things to improve drastically. A 6-10 Bears team would likely result in him being canned IMO. But a win against GB after their bye week and a win streak could allow them to get back in the mix for a wildcard spot.

Amid criticism of the team’s 3-5 start to the season, Bears chairman George McCaskey has given general manager Phil Emery and coach Marc Trestman a vote of confidence. “We’re very disappointed,? McCaskey said Wednesday on “Bears Huddle? on Comcast SportsNet. “Bears fans and everyone in this building expected us to contend for a Super Bowl. We’ve dug ourselves a little bit of a hole, but I think every team faces some adversity at some point in the season. The measure of the team is how they react to that adversity. We’ll see what these guys are made of. We have every confidence in Phil and Marc and the players to pull us out of this.? McCaskey agreed that fans have every reason to be upset with the product to date. “They have every right (to be mad),? McCaskey said of Bears fans. “We’re 3-5, that’s a losing record. We’re winless at home, and that doesn’t fit the formula for making it to the postseason. You got to dominate at home. You got to control your division, and you have to do pretty well for yourself on the road. We’re outside that formula right now, and we need to correct that.? McCaskey also shot down the theory that Trestman is losing the respect of the locker room. “Marc is fully in control of this team,? McCaskey said. “Just because a player isn’t called out publicly doesn’t mean the issue isn’t being addressed. The players know Marc’s got their back. Anything that needs to be addressed with a player is going to be done behind closed doors.? The Bears have a bye this weekend before visiting the Packers on Nov. 9. Chicago likely needs to go 7-1 in the second half of the season to have a shot at making the playoffs. The Bears are 11-13 in Trestman’s one-and-a-half seasons in Chicago.

We all know how iron-clad an owners' / GMs' vote of confidence can be.