would Taafe be happy coming back as O-Coordinator?

instead of head coach?

His reported strength seems to be attacking defences, and he obviously doesn't have the ability to inspire an entire team to be disciplined and to play hard.

Being "demoted" might make him uncomfortable in Hamilton, though. And Montreal might want him as head coach next year if he is available.

Any thoughts?

If Caretaker still has to pay him, keep him on as O.L coach and make him earn it.

Head Coaches never take demotions
Taafe will either stay on as Head Coach, or get fired and possibility take on a small front office or scouting role until his contract is up - then he'll be out

I doubt if he'd take the humiliation. Besides, I don't think he'd have the necessary respect of his players after being demoted. If he stays, it's as HC or nothing at all.

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Won't happen!

Seeing that the team is now in need of assistant coaches, who hires them? GM or coach?
Going by what Mitchell told the press, the GM will be in control of all of those decisions.
However, where does that leave Taaffe if he is retained as HC? Working with assistants that aren't his (chosen)'people'?
Which leads me to believe that with a new GM, will be a total house cleaning.
If you read between the lines, Mitchell did not give Taaffe any ringing endorsements.
He's as good as gone.

His strength is attacking defences?

haha good one.

The guy couldnt even call plays that would lead his team out of a paper bag. The main reason I want this guy out of here is because of his playbook and playcalling.

The playcalling was fine by the end of the year when we had a solid QB and one who could throw the deep ball.

It's hard to use your entire playbook when you atart the season with a QB with a noodle for an arm, then move to a raw rookie, then sign another and when he gets hurt go to your third string guy. THere was not enough continuity to blame his offence.

Short answer is no, considering he could be in line for a return engagement in Montreal if not more college work in the states. Again, a new head coach would make that hire, I would hope...so why put your predecessor on your staff??

If the GM imposed the retention of Taaffe upon a new HC, then you get into the Marshall scenario with Paopao. Sorry, but it is time to get the installation of coordinators correct for now on. Head coach makes that call. :wink:

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