Would someone please explain....

How does a team almost beat the best team in the CFL with the stingiest D get destroyed by a team that loses to the worst team in the CFL?

Last week the Eskies got crushed 51-8 by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. This week the Ti-Cats end up on the losing end to the worst team in the CFL aka Winnipeg Blue Bombers. In other words, the worst team in the CFL beats the team that thrashed the Eskimos but tonight those same Eskimos almost take it the B.C. Lions, the best team in the CFL!

I was thoroughly impressed with the way the Esks were shutting down Lulay and company. Not an easy feat to accomplish with the kind of fire power the Lions possess. This was a very entertaining game and either team was deserving of the victory.

Understandable that Winnipeg and Edmonton play well this week. Teams performance may fluctuate every week. Both teams are strongly motivated to redeem themselves after previous humiliating losses especially at home where they tend to do better. Besides, every team has some good players. In many leagues, strong teams don't always beat weak teams 100% of the time.

Both Edmonton and Winnipeg started different quarterbacks from the week before and both played at home.

It’s pretty simple - there is no “best team” or “worst team” in the CFL. Any team can win on any night.

Parity !

Winnipeg at home with Pierce is much better then Winnipeg on the road with Elliot/Brink.

Good point. I forgot Pierce was at the helm.