Would printers look good in red and white?

The bc lions released printers today. I was hoping Wally would stick with him fir a while but there are a lit if high expectations from the 22,000 fans in bc. Printers has some history, not nessisarily good with dickensen. But if the huffer could calm him down a little, i believe printers style would fit well with the calgary style. Burris would still be the stater but printers would be a better insurance policy then Tate. Maybe printers would be better as a backup without all the pressure. He is around 6 years younger then burris as well. He would be a good replacement when burris retires. Printers could learn a lot in the Calgary system. Thoughts?

I strongly doubt that Calgary would sign him. . . it's pretty well established that he and Dickenson aren't exactly best friends, so I don't believe Dickenson would want him there, and I doubt he'd be enamoured with the idea of taking direction from Dickenson. I also doubt very much that Hufnagel would be interested at all.

I doubt they would either. But it's fun to speculate. Huffer did take a chance on Carrol(that didn't work at all) and is taking one on lumsden. One was known as a problem the other injury prone. I never put anything past the huffer. The dickenson thing is the biggest hurdel. You know I feel on the last few years the only reliable backup we had was sankey. Not that he was amazing but at least reliable. Where do you think he will end up? Ufl? I really feel this decision will bite Wally in the rear. Printers has had a better attitude this last year(relative to before) so there is hope. Or we mighthave ro put him with bishop in the club... Best qb that never was. With a decent o line printers could shine. IMO

Interesting, I was thinking if you changed red to green you might be onto something. He has to be better then Dinwiddy. I'll even up trade you Tate for Dimwiddy.
I don't see huffer wrecking the team chemistry putting Printers with Dicker.

Oh my holy god no.
You can’t be serious. Casey printers has been at best mediocre since 2004, and I think he is a cancer on any team (so maybe he’s perfect for saskatchewan)
Also because of the injuries.
He has had plenty of time to prove himself this year and IMO hasn’t done much to do so. And I would take Tate over a dozen Casey Pinters.
Time to put Casey out to pasture.

...I'm also casting a 'no' vote here (getting practice in for Monday's election)...Printer's would not be a good fit and nor do we need him, Tate has shown he is the future after HB....

Sorry a moment of poor judgement. Sounds like he's a cancer in the locker room. We'll pass on printers.

One word on this......NO!!!

I have always like printers as an athlete. As a person... Well I don't know him. I loved the comment last night about getting cut for yelling at a reciever in overtime by Dwayne ford. Who will the lions cut for this loss? N e ways in prolly the only one on this forum who thinks printers could do well with another shot. But then again Joseph disnt get a second chance and mgr was a grey cup mop. Maybe bishop, printers, and joseph can join zeke and Garcia in the cfl retirement league... Ufl

Ok another thought on this... The huffer deals with hot heads all the time. Browner, Lewis, Isaak, copeland before, Rambo. The list goes on. Bring in printers for insurance only and allow Tate to develope as well. Tate could not take over the team if burris went down today. Printers could run the team right away. Or maybe wait and sign him in the off season. Then the locker room dinamic isn't affected this year. I know I'm the only printers supporter left in Canada. It's kinda funny. If printers let himself heal and trained in the off season he could be great again.

Why ruin the chemistry? At least players like Browner,Lewis,Isaak,Rambo,and Copeland care about the team first not me first mentality. So your theory is why not wait to sign him in the off season ,then the locker room dynamic isn’t affected this year??? So whats the point of signing him if your so worried about the dynamics of the locker room??? Doesn’t matter if you sign him now or next year its still going to affect the team one way or another.
You can say what you want about Printers,but the point is Hamilton and B.C had a healthy Casey at the start of training camp too, and he never got back to is MVP year ,so what makes you think he will be great again?
He signed late in the season with Hamilton and BC. Comes into training camp the following year, and then flops,.gets injured, starts pointing fingers on other team mates,has a negative affect in the locker room and gets cut. Sorry I’m pretty sure everybody around the league has seen this record now twice and I really don’t believe another team in the CFL will take a chance on seeing a record be played over for a third time.
Be careful what you ask for.

Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't to bring in hot heads. With Phillips it definately failed. Armor was an ok risk for a while. Bring him in for training camp and if his attitude stinks then skid him. I like that huffer takes chances on guys. Even with lumsden and the injuries he is taking a chance on him. Calgary gas a lockerroom where if your not fitting in the players pretty much run you out. But it's just a thought. Huffer and Dix have too much pride to take a Wally cast off