Would Ottawa be in the Grey Cup?

What is it like 23 players appearing in this Grey Cup went to the Bombers and Riders during the Ottawa dispersal draft? You gotta wonder if the Renegades would have stayed a team, they would be a real force. They had a ton of potential right before they folded.

no, cause it takes coaching

Which they probably would have had; if they had stayed as a team and Tillman had stayed on as GM, then eventually he'd have gotten around to firing Paopao and promoting the offensive coordinator, who just happened to be Kent Austin.

But we all know how much "what ifs" are worth....

But we all know how much "what ifs" are worth....
You're right, but that doesn't stop us from going on and on about those what ifs in these forums ;)

Half the fun, isn't it?

The biggest 'what if' this year would easily be 'what if Eiben hadn't broken Kevin Glenn's arm?'


I guess it depends on your turning point. It sounds like you're thinking after the 2004 season when Tillman and Paopao both had their contracts run out, but Paopao was not retained but actually promoted. It'd be interesting to see how things would have worked out if they'd gone in the opposite direction.

If you go from the time the plug was pulled, this was the coaching staff, just for the sake of discussion:

John Jenkins - Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator
Rod Rust - Defensive Coordinator
Danny Palmer - Special Teams Coordinator / Running Backs Coach
Jimmy Klingler - Quarterbacks Coach
Steve Kazor - Offensive Line Coach
Woodrow Lowe Jr - Defensive Line coach
Darryl Edralin - Defensive Backs Coach / Special Teams Assistant

A weird blend. Lowe Jr was probably in his late 20's at that point, and I believe Rod Rust was there to help deliver Jesus. The gap in age and experience is pretty staggering.

I know most media thought the team would be crap and lucky to win a game but I don't know about that. It's not like they have a spotless record of predicting a team's record.

Did ET hire Joe in the first place ? If so, then he made his own bed.

lol....that's ridiculous

All I hear about Tillman and Paopao is how classy these guys are. Well, one of them stabbed the other in the back. So , without ever knowing, let's just say that neither should be anointed sainthood status

I think so. But the bigger issue is, if Ottawa is granted another franchise, will they stick around for a number of years and build the rich traditions todays clubs have?

Or will they fold like the cheap tents they proved to be in the Renegades era? Lets get the franchise in there. And if they couldnt survive, isn't it always 3 strikes and you are out in this world? I, for one, cant stand all the speculation for much longer.


It's common knowledge that Joe was the one wielding the knife and ET never forgave him for it. ET should of chose his friends a little better.