Would Montreal want Giguere bad enough to deal for top pick?

The Als, for obvious reasons, desire talented French-Canadian players. Giguere certainly fits that bill.

Currently the Als have the #4 pick, but that will probably be stripped from them because they were well over the cap last year. But they also hold the #8 pick in the first round.

My question is would the Als want Giguere badly enough to
-swap their late first round pick to us to get him
-trade us a QUALITY starter in the process? Like maybe Chip Cox, Diamond Ferri or Kerry Watkins?

Maybe Dave Stalla.. I can't see them Trading Ferri Coxs or Watkins.

Not going to happen.

Heres a one time offer

You give us your first round pick and we will take Timmy Chang off your hands.

what do the als need with a goalie??


...don't watch much hockey, do you...?

I can't see these two teams doing any business together...

Throw Obi in the mix who I can't recall ever doing a trade with Montreal in the past...

As far as the draft pick, it is at the discretion of the league and I've read nothing from them that they want to get that punitive this year anyway. Also the Als have 2 first round picks, the way the sms framework was written that means they probably would forfit the 8th. pick.

I think the Als are looking at strenghtening their depth on the lines with their top picks.

You might have something there ticatsackattack. If Hamilton and Montreal swapped 1st round picks and then the Als added a quality player or two it would be tempting IMO for Obie to take them up on that offer. There will still be quality players avialable at Montreal's picks in the first round. Montreal just might over pay for a French Canadian star player and they have a lot of excess talent available.

Can't see the Als giving up anything more than a spare part to move up to 1st overall in the draft when they have 4th & 8th overall right now (maybe they lose a 1st rounder as an SMS penalty though?); even if it means getting a Quebec based player like Giguere - the Als have receiver depth including young NI Eric Deslauriers who may be a lot better than Giguere. Ferri was average or mediocre for them last year IMO - doubt he could start at LB for the Ticats; doubt they'd give up Cox but maybe. Stala - maybe out of favor in Montreal now - in such a trade I would go for - to get a sure handed, former CFL 1000 yd. receiver, but not if only one NI receiver is going to be pencilled in as a starter with Obie's "policy" - better get a guy who you think could compete for a starting job.