Would love to see Johnny Manziel as a Lion

This guy is not appreciated in Montreal … but with that group of receivers in BC, IMO it would be exciting. He’s tailored made for them…Just wishing

I think it would be fun in BC to have him there but I don’t think he’s shown enough to warrant interest by serious minded folks like Hervey. And I don’t think a first year coach like Claybrooks would want the hassle/risk that is JM.

I have no desire for Manziel as a lion.

You’re better off. I live in Texas, and watched him play at TT. Then, watched him fail in Cleveland. He was a pretty good College QB, but not up to the standard for the Pro’s. NFL, OR CFL.

If the BC Lions had Johnny Manziel , i would buy seasons tickets immediately.

As it stands now, I attend the Argo game at BC place, and usually the Al’s game.

I wish the Lions were more fun to watch, but not so much these past few seasons.

Jennings is not the answer, and Lulay is the only QB hurt more than Ricky Ray.

Plus getting to and from BC place when you live in Langley really sucks.

if lions had Manziel, I would cry because they most likely didn’t have Reilly.

HAHAHAHA…old tight wad Braley spending that kinda dough? ?

Im sure he isnt going to break the bank for Reilly, the Lions have a better chanceto bring back Major Harris, or Jerry Tagge.

Looks like your Lions are going to get Reilly, he was granted permission to speak with them prior to him becoming a free agent.

I try not to hope too hard, the disappointment would be too much.

He sucks at canadian rules football, no team wants him

Not sure why youd want to buy season tickets to watch someone who clearly sucks at canadian football

Why not for Reilly? Hes much better than Manziel

I just dont get it.

I’ll go when the Argo’s are in town, and probably the Al’s as they are my second fav team.

Was thinking about seasons tickets, and I’m sure the team will be much improved this season.

Must admit I have NO use for Duron Carter, and he makes me puke, he is a great reason to cheer against the Lions.

Probably will attend the Edm game in July as well. I think that will be a fun game, as I’m a fan of Trevor Harris.