would like to see some of the players post on the board

I would really like to hear some talk from the players on the board, I do not get a chance to talk to them in person like some of you guys do. Too bad it probably wont happen.

With how some people act on this site I would not be surprised that the player dont even read the forums never mind post on it. Although I do agree with you it would be nice but I can see why they dont.

in australia sports team have a clubhouse/ sports bar close by that sponsors the team and after each game so many guys have to report to the clubhouse and mingle with the fans

Not many post, but I am sure many view the forums daily.


It would only be fun if the player was Charles Roberts the First LOL!

DJ used to... not sure why he stopped posting here but the way the players get treated around here one cant blame the guy.

If a player started posting on these forums he would get attacked from all angles so obviously they stay away.

When DJ Flick would post they were all "random thoughts" and were totally unrelated to how the team was doing.

Right, then people were rude, insulted him and made fun of the fact that he was posting fun stuff... if i were him i wouldnt post here either.

the tiger cat players are having enough problems focusing on their actual job. this would only add to their distractions.

it was just a thought, I understand some people probably would be jerks, it would be nice though other players on other teams do.