would lemon or odell willis be a good fit for us ??

are they too old ?

Lemon is a $150-200K player (don’t know how much of this season is already paid from signing bonuses) and has only played 6 games this season, but his last two games he has been hot (3 sacks) … BC just traded for him so doesn’t seem like they would clear him out unless they get a good return.

Willis is another similarly expensive player, a couple of years older, only 2 sacks this year, none since July 6th … not a prime target.

The Alouettes don’t need these players. Problems,on defensive line, are more at DT’s.


Lemon could help in a rotation with simmons and bowman to keep bowman fresh

We should look at the guys that where cut from the NFL

We fans all to often look at QB pressure as being the job of the DEs ... but push by the DTs is just as important ... even if it doesn't result in many sacks it frees up the Des from double teams and can at best flush the QB and at least mgive him happy feet

Major NFL cutdown will be Saturday (teams must reduce to 53 man roster) but a lot of players may not want to immediately come north and prefer to see if any other NFL team picks them up (roster or practice roster).

Probably but the answer is there

Nothing is more ruinous and disruptive for a QB as pressure breaking through the middle of the line. It takes away his sight lines and scrambling away is much harder than from an end coming off the edge. We haven’t had a strong inside presence on the D-line since Alan-Michael Cash.

If the Als sign anyone in the coming months, it is mostly about 2020. The Als are nine games in, most of these guys will wait another two to three weeks in the hopes of getting picked up, that puts them in Montreal for game 13 or 14 and that’s before they even understand our brand of football. So signing with the CFL for four or five-week paycheck isn’t very attractive financially when you also have the XFL that will be going around to ALL of these cuts looking to sign them.

I think this will be a tough ride for all teams signing players until the XFL has filled out its rosters.