I'm not a huge Kerry Joseph fan, but the one thing he did well last year was manage the game and let the Rider D take over. In T.O. he had to win games on his own and he's not able to do that. Maybe on past Argo teams he could have stepped in and had the same success, but this year their defence was a step behind.

Bishop on the other hand has a tendency to force things and throw picks. His INT-TD ratio is ugly. Durant or Jyles MAY have done better, but both are unproven and had their opportunities to lead the club this season.

So the question has to be asked ... if Tillman had bucked up to keep Joseph, are they still defending champs today?


too hard to tell.

with our luck? he would have gotten hurt with everyone else on our team! haha

These "what if" threads are pointless. But I'll bite all the same. I am not sure we would have even made it to the western semi-finals with Joseph. Not because he is not good and he will always have a place in my heart for what he did, but to keep him would have meant some increase in cost at the QB position, meaning that we would have had to give up somewhere else. Would our D have been as good without a couple of the veterans we might have had to cut? Then we might have lost a couple of games that the D won for us. Maybe, maybe not. Then there will be those who say without Austin, he would have been what he was in TO. See how the "what if" becomes pointless? Because the ramifications can never be known.

True enough ... what ifs dont count for anything ... but I believe you would have hosted next week had you still had him.

Here's another .... would Marcus Crandell have got it done? I dont believe so, but its a possibility. With 4 qbs on the payroll, the Riders ended up spending a lot of cash on the position anyways.

All in all, I'd say that because the Riders couldn't run the ball today, they lose no matter which of their present 3 qbs they have in, but with Joseph, I believe fewer turnovers would have occurred and they may have eeked one out.


mpdid ... thats funny!

I saw the same pose out of every Rider fan today with about 5 minutes left. Was this shot a self-portrait? :slight_smile:


Is this a WWJD thread?