Would it be wrong or Innapropriate if...

On Septemeber 14th, the Als play at Commonwealth Stadium.

On September 13th, 2006 we all know about the incident at Dawson College. Unfortunately, 1 was killed and that 1 person was one of my friends, Anastasia De Sousa. Her favourite color was pink and on this upcoming Sept.13, the Dawson College students will be wearing pink, and will be walking for peace, in Staz's name.

I was thinking if it be wrong to maybe as the Als to wear something pink on that game vs the Esks. Wheter its a pink arm band or mouthpiece or whatever.

I think that that would be a very nice gesture, considering the events of the past week ( Virginia Tech). I did not know Anastasia, but I grieved with her family and friends as if I had known her. What a senseless act! I am so very sorry for your loss and would be very supportive of any gesture that may honour her memory.

I think it is a good idea but not a mouth piece. A pink arm band would be fine.

Ro you could lend them your set of pink boots,lol

ok just kidding RO.
It was to temping I could not hold it in.

Ya that's what I figured, the mouthpiece would be weird, I'm not even sure they even make pink mouthpieces!

As for the armbands, I know the Anastasia De Sousa fundraiser sells those pink armbands, so if I needed to buy them to give to the team, we are supporting the fundraiser and the team is showing their respect towards our Pink Angel, Staz.

Do you guys know who or how I contact somebody about this idea?

Thanks guys.

P.S If you guys want to see Anastasia, here's a slideshow video of her, put together by her sister, Sarah.


My sympathies to you Rysoon for the lost of your friend. Nobody's life should ever be cut short like Anastasia's was. I too would support any effort that would go into honoring her memory. The fans who attend the game should show their support as well. I would gladly wear a pink armband to the game if it were being held in Montreal.