Would it be realistic to think the Lions could win the rest?

Just wondering how realistic it might be to win out the rest of the season. It's a long way to go, and I certainly wouldn't even want the Lions to think about that yet, but just for the sake of discussion. Can we do it? I think we can pull it off personally, but what does everyone else think.

We could Vanhalen! We have the team to do it with. There are still some holes to plug up but even teams like Calgary,Winnipeg and Montreal have their problems.
Part of it will depend on when 1st place gets put on ice. If the Lions are out of contention but have 2nd spot wrapped up they may back off a bit and this could affect the final few games. No sense in getting yourself destroyed if it doesn't make any difference in the standings.

In my opinion the Lions are the best team in the CFL at this stage of the season. They certainly were not that in the first month but even then they were better on the field than what the stats showed.

Injuries could also factor big into what happens between now and November 05. If Lulay goes down it would be a game changer. This guy in my opinion is key to finishing off strong. I say that cautiously because Jackson and Reilly just may be able to hold it all together given the receiving core they have and guys like Harris and Brown.


Unless they rest guys against Edmonton in Week 19. Even if they rest guys they could still win.

And as for playoffs, I predicted the Lions to be in the Grey Cup against the Als back in June and I've stuck with it all year.

It's realistic entirely. But you'd think that a team going into the playoffs on an 11 game winning streak, they're due for a bad game or a loss. It's just seems to me that it would be really unlikely. Having said that, I think the Lions have a good shot to win out their next 4 games.

Saskatchewan is simply a bad football team, I don't see that changing.

Hamilton is a jekyll and hyde, average team and we definitely owe them one.

Edmonton is the one game that could be interesting and I could see the eskies being tough to beat.

Montreal is as good of a bet for a victory. The als have little success in Vancouver. Travelling cross-coutry 5 hour flight only to play at 10pm eastern on the last game of the season is a recipe for disaster.

"Saskatchewan is simply a bad football team, I don't see that changing." by geroy_simon_81

You'd think so geroy. Did you catch the Calgary/Toronto game tonight? Looks like Calgary is snake bit. They are fast earning the reputation for "cardiac kids who died on the operating table". This is the second straight game that Calgary has lost in the last play of the game on field goal by the opposition. Mind you this time Prefontaine did not have to kick a 53 yarder. It was only 18 yards. Hufnagel must be wanting to his hair out by the roots. I thought Calgary was going to grind Toronto into the ground. backer@oldclarke called it right. He said Jyles would have a break out. This was as good as a break out for me.

One game down. Two more to go this weekend. Tonight was a game Calgary needed to win. A loss by Edmonton and a win by the Lions and the Lions are in the driver's seat!

You betcha! Lions could - and should! But we need to tighten up - we nearly lost to Calgary last week after letting them back into the game. Having said that - Lions certainly have the tools to take it this year.. Als v Lions in the Grey Cup? You guys posting here make the forum great fun to visit. Thanks. :smiley:

Anything could happened if you take the foot of the peddle . Toronto is a bad football team too and look what happened they gave us a chance to take first place by beating Calgary. Look Saskatchewen is playing for pride. They have nothing to lose and those are the teams to worry about.

Hey Myrrh! Welcome to the Lions "Den".

Als vs Lions? I'm hoping to see a Winnipeg/Lions or Hamilton/Lions matchup. As much as I like Calvillo I don't want to see him deny the Lions the Grey Cup. :thup:

+1 This one is just as important as the last two were. One game at a time.

Absolutely guys.. Especially considering this is the CFL - anything can happen. I still think the Lions have a pretty favorable schedule all things considered. As long as they dont overlook anybody, they should be okay.

The intensity of this game may very well depend on this Hamilton game and whether they can pull of a win. Saskatchewan might be hoping for a crossover right now even tho its an outside chance really.