Would I be sick and twisted?

For hoping the terrorist attacks on the NFL stadium actually happen?

I wish harm and no one, and I have nothing against NFL fans. But I sure as hell wish there was a few weeks with no NFL ball so more people in Southern Ontario would actually see that the CFL isn't as bad as they think!

Please don't take this thread the wrong way.

Yes, that is sick and twisted.

Find a better example, then maybe I'll try to see your point.

I see your point.

Loud and clear.

I do not actually wish this happen.

I merely wish there to be no NFL this weekend. Thats the only way I see that happening.

This goes back to something I said the other day.

Why is it that because you dont like something, no one else should have it either?

The thing is, I DO LIKE THE NFL!

It just sickens me to the pit of my stomach that there are Canadians who put down the CFL so passionately.

Maybe I am obssissive?

...yes, there are many Canadians that hate, absolutely despise, hockey....its a free world man...

Free choice only works as long as people are familiar with the different options.

And what makes you think they don't?

I am one of them but you will never hear me say that the league should fold. I believe in your right to watch what you want.
My TV has a built in censor!
Its called the change channel button on the remote

Their arguments.

Gee, could you be a little less specific??

My father, as an example, prefers NFL to CFL. At every opportunity, he mentions how he's going to go watch "real football" when the NFL is on, and not the stuff I watch....do I agree with him? No. Do I think his argument is weak? Yes. Is he entitled to his preference? Most definitely.

Would his preference be different if he knew the facts? Very likely.

So it would be for hundreds of thousands of others. The CFL needs new ways to market. Maybe in TOronto, they should get a 'Summer Sports Package' going with the jays. 3 Jays games and 2 Argos games for 70% of the cost.

it would make more sense to simply wish that the terrorists would knock out all NFL tv feeds so that canadians could not watch any NFL. If that is your sole motivation for this dangerous speculation.

although, if I might be so risky myself, I wouldnt mind if they took out godfrey and his ilk

Ideally, that would be the case.

Dude I know what you are trying to say I used to be a big NFL because I didnt fully understand the CFL untill 1996 when the Al's came back and I gave it my full attention and I have realized how the CFL is much more entertaning to watch then the NFL. What I dont understand is why Global carries NFL games and not CFL games? IMO if you want to watch football that is pure then watch the CFL and if you want to watch garbage and gamble then watch the NFL.


I was an NFL fan, before I was a CFL fan!

Its only natural to be drawn to the big US league that starts with an 'N'...like all the other ones I watch.

It's all about profit and Global perceives how they get the best bang for their dollar.
However, upon reading various business and TV reports, the $20M annually paid for the rights means the network has lost a boatload of dough.

I am one of those Canadians who despise hockey. I like the NFL though, next to the CFL of course... Whats wrong with it? The CFL is obviously much better, but whats wrong with watching the NFL?

Trust me. Dad knows "the facts". The fact is, he grew up on CFL football, and now prefers the NFL. That's his choice - who am I to tell him he's wrong?

I enjoy watching the NFL, just not as much as i enjoy watching CFL. The CFL just has so much more action!