Would have this been so bad?

This is what the NFL may have wanted in their deal with the CFL from Canadian media:

"What was suggested, according to sources, was that the NFL's 32 teams be aligned among the CFL's eight teams, that way the B.C. Lions could work with, say, the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. There wouldn't be midseason call-ups with the Lions losing players in the heart of a playoff run, but there would be an affiliation with those four NFL teams, perhaps for player allocation and business or marketing ventures."

I don't think there is anything wrong with that, as long as they were not asking for rule changes etc. Love or hate the NFL, they have a lot of cash and power that could only help the CFL. CFL games could even be broadcast on the NFL network, imagine that exposure! And 32 NFL teams, 8 CFL teams, the math works, 4 NFL teams per 1 CFL team. Yes the CFL is a Canadian league, but there are many Americans on each team, so there already is a U.S. influence.

Yes it would have.

The CFL season is less than two weeks away and we're still discussing the NFL... :expressionless:

Works fine until each NFL team has a couple players they want developed. Perhaps each one wants a receiver developed. Suddenly the CFL team has four US receivers they must play because of the agreement. Then a year later, each of the teams feel they found better receivers so they each want a new one developed meaning the previous year's players are gone.

Until all the details were clearly laid out, my vote would be no. Because if affiliation and allocation means NFL control over even a couple of spots each per NFL team, that equals 20% of your team. To me, that says the CFL would become a minor league.

Makes perfectr sence to me.....
Add to that, even though there would be no midseason callups, what about the next year?
The NFL team every year could load up the CFL team with their players and then take them back the following year, never allowing the CFL team to gel.....

How many players each year would the NFL team be allowed to place?
Will it affect the import ratio.
Can the CFL team say no?
What happens to the displaced CFL player? Does the CFL team retain thier rights or cam another CFL team pick them up.
What happens when the NFL calls their players back?
The CFL team is now without the players that were displaced in the first place..

There are far to many unknowns to call it a good thing

This sounds more like what the CFL was proposing. An affiliation between local CFL and NFL teams, with the NFL teams placing some players on CFL squads to be developed, while paying their salaries. As well the CFL wanted compensation if the NFL signed an option yr player.

But unless the NFL team could recall the player during their season, if only on an injury-emergency basis, they probably would not be interested.

This is what DAve Naylor reported last week.
So the CFL would become what the AHL is to the NHL. A minor league.

And once this happens, most fans will bail. Because you want your players to be part of your city. Not just there to put in time.

ONce the NFL gets hold of the cFL, it will destory Canadian football. Americna rules will be next.

IF you ask me, the CFL should affiliate with our NHL teams. BEcause the NHL is 30 times more popular then American football in CAnada.

Sorry. I don't know why the CFL needs the NFL anymore? Any deal where the NFL starts placing its players on CFL teams is in my opinion the beginning of the end of the CFL.

Who knows, I'm all a bit confused. I do think the CFL should stick to it's guns. And if we go down, we go down our way, not because we let the NFL run us and therefore cut our own throats. Then, if the NFL wants to resurrect the CFL in Canada, it's their money to get it going their way.

Anyways, all doom and gloom scenario but I don't think this will happen anyways.

I think the reality of the situation is that the CFL is an unaffiliated minor league. The CFL is essentially the 3rd tier of North American football (after the NFL and Big NCAA schools.) I don't think a CFL fan will bail just because there is an agreement recognizing the reality of the CFL's situation. This sort of loaning of player between unaffiliated clubs happens all the time in English/European football.

Any "fans" that do bail will probably be replaced by "fans" that buy in because in their eyes, an NFL tie-in legitimizes the CFL.

I think there is small chance the NFL comes to Toronto, and I think the CFL could probably co-exist with the NFL. (NFL Toronto probably kills the Blue Jays though) But any agreement that makes the CFL more valuable to the NFL 800 lb gorilla is good news to me. The NFL won't do anything to endanger the CFL if the league is valuable to the owners than a Toronto NFL franchise.

That said, mid-season call-ups or mandatory playing time are deal breakers for me. Maybe instead of 4 NFL teams to 1 CFL team, developmental CFL positions/affiliations would be auctioned off to the highest bidder. It could be a huge source of revenue.

CFL is third tier? Huh? How many big US college players have come here and flopped?
But really. why do we need the best to be entertained? Its our league. Its played by many of our players. Why can;t that be good enough? Why do we have to alwasy have to compare ourselves to "them".

Maybe if the CFL were affiliated with the NFL, we could get CFL teams to play during NFL half-times. How cool would that be?


Don't laugh RAvenwood. CfL might start as an NFL developmental league. But within 5 years it'll be totally destroyed and turned into second tier American football. You know. The same way the Americans are currently destroying hockey.

This is the dumbest idea ever. Your starting qb gets called up then what happens to your team.CFL isnt minor league either.

People won't watch it either having their star QB being called up in the middle of a great season.

I can't even figure out how Rodgers and Tanubaum could own a NFL team since NFL rules clearly state that you can only own teams in other leagues if they are in soccer or AFL (different city from where you own an NFL team) why the Canadian Media has never picked up on this is perplexing....... Feel free to start a new thread on this.....

"There wouldn't be midseason call-ups" :roll:

Seems like most people are replying what would not work and how the league would go under or suffer. Being a fan of both leagues I like to hear what would work and how both leagues would benefit. IMO people n the US dont consider cfl A minor league. Just a different form of pro football. I am sure its a way both leagues can benefit.

I agree with cfl_in_the_us. If both leagues can come together in partnership for the growth of gridiron football in North America.It can be a perfect marriage if done correctly.Both leagues can benefit in more ways than one.I hope something does happen in the next few years.So the CFL can get a good TV deal in the US.Maybe NFL Network or Fox!

“According to sources” is such a vague statement! If that was actually the offer, then there is EVERYTHING wrong with it! Yes the NoFunLeague has more money but we all know the CFL has the better product.

As soon as you start accepting the “cash and power” you speak of, then IT’S ALL OVER!!! The CFL is no longer their own league, but now a minor league of the NoFunLeague! And the walls have been brought down and the ever growing egocentric attitude that is EVERYTHING american just shifts into high gear and before you know it?..The CFL is only a memory!