Would Hamilton and Ottawa expand temp seating for playoffs?

Just curious

Doubt it. Would cost more than they'd make.

Not a chance in Hamilton.

Despite what the team and official attendance say, there are plenty of no shows and fan apathy. There is no way I can see them selling more then they are now. If 24k barely show up, not sure how more will.

With two weeks to go I'm sure Ottawa could, but they probably want a clear indication that they will sell out the current stadium before adding seats, and they have a long ways to go there so far.

fan apathy?
are you being serious?

the current popularity of the Cats is at it's highest level since that of the early-mid 70's.

and if you do not believe the official attendance figures then there is no point in arguing.

I doubt there is any reason to add seats for games respectively, less than one and two weeks away.

Scarcity sells and can yield better ticket revenue. Hamilton and Ottawa are some of few teams on the positive side of the law of supply and demand. Best to keep it that way.

Kinda doubt it, Hamilton had the advantage of having standing room availability on the north side patio and to a lesser extent the concourses. Ottawa could do something similar as well on the West side.

I sit pretty much dead centre on the West side, I know a lot of people go to the concourse, but I can say with certainty that the higher up seats on the end sections are fairly empty, and more then can be accounted for with people on concourses.

How else do I know there is apathy? I couldn't get anyone to offer to buy my tickets for 2 games this year, and had to give them away for free to make sure the seats did not go empty. These are prime 55 yard line seats. Believe it or not there is some apathy.

Twitter proved it on Saturday - a 2 year old franchise had 80% more people talking RedBlacks then Ticats. Lot's of people on twitter are noticing how dead it is during games now.

Why do you think there is apathy?

Yes the new stadium smell will wear off but still a decent team with no local competition for other pro sports.

I sit on level 4 (club level) on the 55 yd line , lots of empty seats around me even though the seats are sold , I like to watch the game , that is why I go . There are tons of people that never leave the inside during the game to go to their seats . Not sure why , that is just the way it is.

I too, look across at the east side and wonder why there are rows of empty seats , I get the concourse thing and how fans like to stand around and talk , lots doing that but not enough to make up for the m/t seats.
I am pretty sure the seats are sold as they are not available to buy , probably to corporate clients who distribute the tickets to their employees . Hey , if the don't show up they don't show up , just the nature of the beast.

Anyways , I have heard they are adding 2000 more seats next year , so something must be going right to be doing that .

Ottawa could sell standing room by letitng fans sit behind either end zone on the grass berms. I'm sure they could get a couple of thousand at either end if they wanted.

I see the same thing as you. Unfortunately, a lot of people really do not care. Ton's of people were leaving the last game against Ottawa, with over 5 minutes to go and down by less then a TD. If that's not apathy I don't know what is.

Regarding the 2000 seats, my understanding is they have added 2000 season seat holders, not that they are expanding seating.

Go to a rangers game at madison square garden.

Always empty seats even though its soldout

Which shows why the Rangers are something like #7 on the sports radar in NY...

Theyre hugely popular in new york. Thats why they been there in the worlds most famous arena since 1925 selling out. Before the NFL was even a whisper in anyones breath.

Rangers are right up there with any of them except the yankees.

Point is every arena has empty seats more than others depending on many factors. Never seen a game where eveyone is in their seats

they didn't do it last year in Hamilton and there is no chance in Hamilton without Zach in the lineup..

I would think that temporary seating would need more time to plan and install. Also, looks like there are still seats available for both games without temporary seating.

Discount ticket pricing has been offered to Argonauts STHs for the ESF.

It would be great if some of ya actually show up for this game. My son and I both noticed a shocking lack of Blue in the stands for the two games this year at THF as compared to other years. Well we both saw some Argo fans at the games they were few and far between and I have to admit it makes for a better atmosphere when both teams have fans in attendance and it's not so one sided. It's no fun yelling ARGOS SUCK when there are no actual fans from Toronto at the game :slight_smile: . So hopefully ya all buy up those discounted tickets and make the trip down the QEW because it's rather hard having a rivalry when only one side shows up for it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Cats also offer up standing room only tickets for this playoff game because I'm pretty sure that the demand will be there being that it's the Argos coming to town for this one and believe it or not Toronto at Hamilton playoff games are indeed a rarity. The last time that it happened was in the 2010 ESF and before that was back in 1999 also in the ESF.

uhh yes it is :rockin: