would greg marshall at DC be a lateral move?

I'm thinking we won't get Benevedes because he will be HC in TO, we won't get Stubler because the Argos are still paying him, we won't get Dave Richie because he will replace Hall in Saskatchewan, and we already lost out on Hall, so it could be Marshall as DC here.

But is Marshall that much better than Creehan? Edmonton shredded Winnipeg's D in horrible weather during the 2008 playoffs. In other words, Marshall's D didn't impress me.

  1. What?

  2. If Marshalls D in the PLAYOFFS was the problem, its hardly a lateral move.

to compare greg marshall with denny creehan is absolutely ridiculous. first of all creehan's shelf life as a DC is probably 3-4 years. if i'm not mistaken, dunigan hired him when he was the HC in calgary and now he's out of the league. if you look long enough at the stats of a guy's D you're bound to find some weakness in any particular season. the point is that greg marshall has been a DC for a long time for a reason.please don't compare these two men any further.


To stick to the strict issue of the question, if Marshall were to be retained by new Bomber HC Mike Kelly as a plan, the only way he could move under the "no lateral move rubric" would be if the Cats offered him an enhanced role with their team -- adding the title of "Assistant Head Coach" for example to his new DC duties. Unless Marshall has special wording in his contract to permit a lateral move, the conventional setup has been to bar that to discourage staff raiding between clubs.

Oski Wee Wee,

I meant "a lateral move" as in "Marshall is no better than Creehan."

Okay. I would submit that it would be an upgrade. I would prefer Less Browne or Rich Stubler (if he wants to forego some Blue Team change he's owed and return to coaching in 2009), but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

Behind the times...............Kelly and Marshall already took their leave of each other some time ago; it means Marshall is free to look for a new job in whatever capacity with whatever team.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Friesen/2008/12/18/7789771-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Fr ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Thanks for the head's up. :wink:

The columnist (Paul Friesen) is behind the times too. He lists three teams looking for co-ordinators but doesn't mention the Tiger-Cats. Or maybe he knows something we don't know :wink: .

I think you'll find that when Friesen wrote the article, Creehan's departure from Hamilton had not yet been confirmed. His article is from 18 December.

8) It would appear that the road is clear for Greg Marshall to become the Cats new D/C. According to CHML Sports this morning, Edmonton is no longer interested in him !!!

The Edmonton Journal is reporting this am. that the Eskimos made Marshall an offer that he turned down for money reasons.

Greg Marshall is a definate upgrade at that position. Let see if we can fork out the money though. If he does choose to come here, I for one will be very happy with the ticat organisation. He has showed that he can make a defence work in Winnipeg. With the addition of Marshall and the rest of the coaching staff, I would say we are very capable at the coaching position. We would see results in at least a couple of years.

If Greg Marshall II becomes the Ticat defensive coordinator, it would not be a lateral move for the Ticats or for Marshall himself.

The Ticats would benefit from having a defensive coordinator who had a solid CFL career as a defensive lineman and has been the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach for the Bombers for the past three years. Richard Harris, the defensive line coach in Winnipeg, has worked with Marshall in Ottawa and Winnipeg and would be a good bet to come to Hamilton with him. This would improve the Ticat defensive line and linebacking, the most deficient areas on the defence.

Marshall would also benefit from this move. He has expressed a determination to become a CFL head coach sooner or later. If he signs with the Ticats, he will be working for Marcel Bellefeuille, a head coach who had a 1 win, 7 loss record as an interim head coach last year. Although no coordinator or assistant coach wants his team to fail and although the hope is that Bellefeuille will succeed, the reality is that a poor performance by the Ticats in the first half of 2009 could open the door to either Marshall or Mike Gibson becoming interim head coach. A similar scenario would not be available to Marshall if he signs with new head coach Richie Hall in Edmonton or with Wally Buono in B.C. if defensive coordinator Mike Benevides is selected head coach of the Argos.

I think He'll go Edmonton or BC .. 1st Since he a west boy
Money may not mean that much

I like your logic, TCTD.

Opportunity trumps the comforts of home,

Most people in pro sports are vagabonds

they go where the best opportunities are
to advance themselves in their profession.

Come on down Mr. Marshall!

Very well put TCTD..........I think you are correct, and the more I think about it the more Hamilton appears to be the logical choice for Marshall.

Esks' offer too low

Marshall no longer candidate for DC

By Mario Annicchiarico December 30, 2008

Greg Marshall is out of the picture as Edmonton Eskimos defensive co-ordinator.

"We are no longer in the running," is all Eskimos
general manager Danny Maciocia would say Monday,

and that came through a statement from
team director of communications Dave Jamieson.

"Greg will not be coming to Edmonton," head coach
Richie Hall added late Monday, through a text.

"We were very interested in him, but things just didn't work out.

We're busy talking to a variety of coaches."

Sources told The Journal on Saturday that Marshall
was offered the job and had until Monday to decide.

Maciocia denied that in Monday's Journal, but another
well-placed source confirmed Monday that

new head coach Richie Hall not only offered Marshall the job,

but enticed him with the title of assistant head coach.

It is likely the same title the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
have presented Marshall, a veteran CFL assistant coach.

According to the source, the deal-breaker was the Eskimos' offer
of a salary less than what Marshall made last season in Winnipeg.

[Here are some rarely published CFL dollar figures.]

Maciocia offered Marshall a two-year deal at $110,000 a season.

CFL co-ordinators are said to make six figures.

One league source said Hall made roughly $125,000
in that role with the Saskatchewan Roughriders

and was believed to be one of the league's
higher-paid defensive co-ordinators.

Marshall, said to be in discussions with the Ticats,
was not available for comment on Monday.

The focus now turns to current Eskimos special teams assistant
Noel Thorpe as the most probable candidate for the job.

The Esks have not stated what the status of
current defensive co-ordinator Rick Campbell is,

nor have they made him available to the media.