Would Glenn make sense for the Riders?

Glenn could be a nice fit as Durants Back up for 2014.
As it stands the Riders have two good young QBs with great upsides, good college resumes, but between the two they were both pro rookies last season and Sunseri played in just one game and Doege no games.

Certainly not worth a first round draft pick though. A conditional 2015 pick could make sense. The Riders are also loaded with a talented crew of Import DBs. They return back ups from last season that would have been and have been starters for other teams and for the Riders. Ottawa is in need of starting import DBs especially at the HB position

The Riders lost quite a few players but with a huge amount of players on the 9 game IR most positions lost are already covered.
Back up QB is not one of them however.

Glenn will give any team a level of comfort having to fill in for the starting QB including Ottawa. However the way they went about pushing Glenn aside when signing Burris would make anyone unhappy.

well, i'm not sure if kevin would want that, and i think sunseri looked pretty good from what i remember last year, i almost thought he could have pushed drew willy out, but what i want to say is that i thought it was very classless what ottawa did to kevin glen and then they want to come in here and expect rider fans to embrace them in a home game on our field?? couldn't they have found somewhere else to play their first game?? i mean why not in the east?? makes no sence to me at all. all this pandering to the riders might bckfire one day.

I can't see Glenn going anywhere as a back up that is why he wants out of Ottawa. Winnipeg makes about the most sense but the Bombers named Willy their starter so a bit of a mess would be started there. Glenn is a solid pivot but the riders will be looking at a younger backup to groom to take over when Durant starts to show his age in a couple of years. Winterpeg or the Als is Glenn's best shot at being a starter. Of Course Tate could go down lame again which would be no big surprise and Bo may not cut it, so cowtown is a long shot also,depends how much pressure Huff is feeling to be the bride and not the bridesmaid again.

I don’t think Glen is adverse to being a backup… he’s just upset that he isn’t being give a chance to compete for the #1 job in Ottawa.

He won't be getting that chance anywhere else either. As the Riders will be looking to groom a younger guy they still could use an experienced guy in the short term.
Nothing would surprise me. The Riders made sure they had plenty of depth at every position last season so when players were poched in FA there are plenty of players to step in at most positions. Not having depth at QB would be something that would surprise me if the do not get more expereince in the bac up role.

Got to agree Sunseri will be a good fit for the #2 spot. The film I have seen on Doege looks good. He knows how to sneak.

IMHO - we need a starting RB before we need a backup QB - or another way to look at is that DD becomes the RB - gawd forbid gets hurt and then we need a backup like Glen.

I guess that's why I've never been asked by the Rider brass what to do. :lol:

The Riders will have 4 or 5 RB with various levels of pro experince before training camp starts.
They are not going to find a back up like Kevin Glenn who can win games for long periods of times if needed.

I can't see Glenn going anywhere where he is not given a shot at starting QB, and we all know DD is our starter, he earned that last season hands down. Made be retract earlier, statements I had made seasons past. DD has come into his own, so Glenn won't opt to come here! JMO

I agree Glenn wants a shot a starter period. He is no spring chicken and has a small window to compete for the number 1 spot. Would he be a good safety net for the Riders? Of course he would but this could open another can of worms if Durant had a couple of bad games. Those that do not like Durant would be howling to start Glenn and we all seen it before. Heck with Willy around there was enough noise being made to start him, imagine if Glenn was here. Kind of a double edge sword if you ask me. The asking price would be too high anyways and until the new CBA is done cap space I think is at a premium. If they could steal him for a bargain it may be worth the controversy risk but I don't see that happening.

Ottawa would have been happy to play a home and home with Montreal, but unfortunately their TD Place stadium won’t be ready until July. With that said, Hunt approached CEO Jim Hopson about the idea of playing a home game in Regina and was agreed upon, thus add to the fact the history of the two ball clubs from years gone by. Rider fans will have a lot of fun none the less.

Exactly so he might as well chase rings.

I'd be supr happy if he came back to where he started in Regina.

i think glenn would play as a bck up, he's probably had enough of henry burris, and doesn't want to back him up. ottawa will regret taking burris, halfway through the season, and i can't believe they are paying him that much ?? not worth it, he always chokes when he gets rattled, as for glen playing in sask. if they take him i certainly hope they don't give up much to get him, they already lost enough to ottawa. they really should just release glen and be done with it.

They won't release him that is for sure they will try to get something. The funny thing as I mentioned probably being in Ottawa is one of the better situations he could be in. Burris is due to get injured at some point.
BC another with the shoulder problems with Lulay they need a guy who can keep the ship sailing.

Riders as well. Durant has played pretty banged up at times the last two seasons and when he could not go Willy was able to keep the train on the tracks. Would the Riders want to find out if Sunseri is ready the hard way should Durant at some point miss a series of games?

Edmonton also possible. Unlike Winnipeg and Hamilton where they seem to have a vision of there QB situation with younger guys behind new starters, Edmonton does not seem to have that unless they feel Crompton and Harris are solid.

Montreal has paid already for Tanner Marsh. Hard to understand that one.

Toronto also comfortable with Trevor Harris and also have Portis onboard full time this season.

Calgary 3 deep at QB again.

Also on the way North are some better more expereinced QBS that are looking at the CFL seriously. JT O. in 2012, Troy Smith, Brian Brohm, John Beck to name a few.
JT O adapted quickly to his role for the Riders in 2012
Troy Smith also got comfortable very quickly.
Brohm has got endorsements of Austin and McManus as also being ready to go.