Would fans still support the team if it moved to Saskatoon?

Say for example a brand new state of the art 38k seat stadium were to be built in Saskatoon. The Riders are after all the provinces team, not Regina’s right? TF is, in my opinion an awful stadium, heck most high school stadiums in Texas are way nicer. The CFL is a major league and teams should play in major league stadiums, TF is an utter embarasment. So would everyone support the move to Saskatoon if it came with a brand new beautiful stadium? Thanks

Without a doubt. While I don't think it will ever happen (esp. the 38k stadium part), if it did, it would just reverse the flow of traffic on Highway 11 every second week. Rider pride is in one's heart, not in a particular place ...

There would no doubt be a shift of support. There would be alot of Regina people who would not do the two hours but there would likely be just as many in Saskatoon that do not travel now that would become ticket holders. Net loss or gain = 0.

I've spent time in both cities and while they are not the Regina Roughriders, you would have a tough time seeing that based on media coverage. Significantly more coverage in the Leader Post than the Star Phoenix for example.

Eww. I would still love them, but thats pretty unrealistic, imo… If wanna go to Rider games move to Regina…

Thanks for the responses. I was just curious, keep 'em coming.

NOOOOO. I could never imagine such a horrible thing.

Oh geez you are scaring me. I will have nightmares. I love Taylor Field. I love the Regina Roughriders - er I mean the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Saskatoon already has their name in it, at least part of it.

S-A-S-K-A-T- What was I going to spell? You cannot tell. Let them keep the first 6 letters of their city in our name and let the Riders Live in Regina. That seems like a fair shared system to me. The provinical team stays in the Provincial Capital.

I Heart Regina

I would still support them, although I don't see this coming to fruition ever. Having lived in both cities, the way the roads are setup in Saskatoon they would need some major changes in order to be able to handle that type of traffic.

If a new stadium were to be built, they'd put it in Regina no doubt.

Rider fans would support their team if they moved to La Ronge...rider pride is province-wide, country-wide and world wide... I have lived all over the world and if I couldn't go to the Rider game (in Canada) or get it on TV or radio, I would follow it on the internet. Now I live in Saskatoon and the drive to Regina on game day is part of the fun. Taylor Field is one of my favourite places in the whole world so I hope they never move...

so... just have to say... in regards to the high school stadiums being nicer in Texas. I have to say that most high school standiums in texas are nicer than EVERY CFL venue!

And I would say that the move to Saskatoon would be horrible as getting around here in S'toon is bad enough as it is... just imagine if they had 38,000 people takin a couple roads to the stadium...

A new stadium would not be feasible. Even if it were, they'd build it in Regina. And yes, Mosaic Stadium is showing its age, but the plans to renovate it are a work in progress and will take a few years to complete.

It would be the start of the end of the riders. The Riders are a community owned team, they live and die by the community support.

Moving to Saskatoon, would show most fans the team doesn't care about them. That would start to drive a wedge in those that think it is "Saskatchewan's" team.

Additionally, Saskatoon would not be able to build a stadium like that without government support. No Government in Saskatchewan would be that stupid.

Bottom line not possible and it would be the beginning of the end for the team.

On a positive note, if that happened, this the expansion zealots could start writting about expansion to Regina! :roll:

Are you kidding me!!! If a new stadium is built...It's built in Regina. This city has been home to the Riders for 90 plus years and the team and is part of the fabric of the Regina community. The team should always remain in the provincial capital. I mean don't we have better things to talk about like beating the Lions, Stamps, and Eskimos.....Come on!!! By the way....TF is a great ball park and the atmosphere is incredible. So sorry, as a proud resident of Regina I will fight tooth and nail to keep this team here where it belongs.