would Edmonton want Maas back?

The Eskimos missed the playoffs this year. Maas seems to be indifferent to living in Hamilton, but loves Alberta. It may have even affected his play. The Eskimos love Maas. With Maas and Ray, Edmonton had a great QB tandem that always seemed to light a spark under the team at the right time.


If Edmonton was willing to trade for Maas, would you pull the trigger, and who would you ask for in return? (and please don’t anybody say Comiskey or Davis or Bakker)

I would make the trade if we had a line on another potential starting QB (deal in the works) and Edmonton would give us A.J Gaas.

Gass as not gas left..
I would make the trade for Jason Tucker in Return For Maas
It would give us a 1 WR..
I rather find our Own QB..

keep dreaming...maas' stock has fallen so far, he is now the least coveted of all starting QB's in the CFL.

take him back ASAP! :thup: He was definitly worth a Troy Davis :lol:

troy davis?...do u want hamilton to field all RB's next year?..lumsden, holmes, ranek, radelin and davis?


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