Would Danny McManus have won more games than Jason Maas?

Just thought I'd throw this out there, as a matter of interest.

It is my belief that Danny Mac would still have been an effective player in Hamilton last year. Plus, Danny McManus is such a cool name to type and I haven't done it in a while.

At any rate, the major flaw in Danny McManus's game has been his interception stats, and that stat didn't exactly improve under Maas; he led the league, continuing the Ticat tradition.

Still, when he gets hot, Danny McManus can still be a dominant force, in my opinion.

Any quarterback would have struggled in Hamilton last year IMO. If you don't have any go-to receivers, any QB would have a tough time.

Danny Machasn’t been an effective player in 3 seasons so I cannot understand your position rob

bob young all the way.

bob gotta killer arm.

? whould Larry Justanis have won more games than cody ledbetter :wink: :expressionless: :roll:

Well, last season we ran a very similar offence to the year before. Both Paopao and Baressi ran ball control-type offences that "emphasized" the short passing game. Emphasis on the 2 yard passes on 2nd and long...but I digress.

Last year with Maas at the helm we won 4 games. The year before, we won 5 with McManus. So I guess the answer is Danny Mac by process of very painful elimination.

As I have said before here: no QB in Canada would have been successful running that disaster of an offense last year. Props to Maas in an off-year winning four games. That's how bad it was.

Danny would have been slaughtered last year playing behind the line in the state it was in, coupled with an undisciplined receiving corps that couldn't run the Etch-A-Sketch plays called by Paopao and co.

The death of Claridge and the departures of Coulter and Hack have left a void, no doubt about it. Paopao's offense had some moments in Ottawa thanks to a mobile, big-armed Kerry Joseph who could make something happen off broken plays...that has NEVER been a strong suit of Danny Mac. His recipe is quick reads, decisive distribution of the ball, and the ability to stretch the D vertically in the deep game.

Danny is not serendipidous even if his 45-minutes-in-developing naked bootleg action is considered... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I suppose Hamilton fans can take some positive out of last year's potent offence.

In Hamilton that offence only ended a dozen or so careers - a coach, several assistant coaches, a GM, a couple of other management team members and a handful of players. In Ottawa it ended a whole franchise.