Would 0-2 be Glass Half Full or Empty

Will we beat the Lions, of course we will. :rockin: But lets consider is we lose, I say the glass is still half full; I always hold my rage back till the final tick of the Labour Day game clock, then it’s all on. When a team, any team, makes this many changes that a period of “hiccups? is expected. It’s not that strong displeasure and concern voiced is not a part of the solution; I just chose to reserve mine. This team is goin’ to rip it up for sure, but no one has ever gone from crawl to sprint before.

Stay the course boy's. ...what do you think.glass half full or half empty? :expressionless:

Go "Cats

Not sure about the comment re"hiccups".I would argue the Riders made even more changes than the Cats, and I didnt see many "hiccups" from them.

I think the Riders made changes where they most needed (O-line and D-Line), whereas the Cats did not make changes where most needed (Def Secondary), other than an new DC.

True the Cats fortified the offence with a new QB and some new receivers, but we have mostly the same DBs (they even brough back Tisdale!)

Gonna reserve judgement about half-full/half-empty for a couple more games.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Part of me wants to say "half full," but part of me also thinks "half empty."

I get that it takes time for a team to jell after making so many changes, but this is the eighth year in a row that the team has started 0-1 and the eighth year they've lost their home opener. Eight! That's almost unfathomable.

Also, the first five games set up for a nice early season run. Two games against the Riders, a home game against the Argos and Als, and a tough road test against in BC (where Hamilton has been successful recently, with three straight wins) had the look of a 4-1 start. Now they'll be lucky to get out of July with a 3-2 record.

I'm not hitting the panic button yet, but I am wondering if this is going to be another .500-ish season and first-round playoff loss. If so, I will have to ask what the point of all the changes were. They say a fool is a person who does the same thing over and over again expecting different results, but what do you call a person who changes everything yet gets the same results? For eight years, with four different head coaches and six different starting quarterbacks, the team has not been able to get a win on opening weekend or when they first played at home. So what the heck is the problem? I think what concerns me the most is that no matter how many changes are made, the results seem to stay the same.

I'm gonna have to say half full. 1 game isn't the season and with the offensive weaponry we have, remember that the same Lions that we play next week started 0 - 5 to start last season and look where they ended up. I don't believe we'll start that bad.

As much as another loss will annoy me and I'm sure many others, I for one ain't pushing the panic button if we lose.

I hope it's half full, but you have to wonder how a coaching staff can evalute a running back and not realize he can't block. If he can't return kicks, running, catching and blocking are all that's left. :?

:thup: Totally agree. I think Avon should start next game, we need a blocking back so Burris has more time to maybe go deep

As I posted in another thread, even with a loss to B.C. We're just two straight home wins away from first place.

I have a feeling that the team is going to play very differently on Friday and maybe steal a win against the defending champs. But I also thought we would beat Saskatchewan easily, so what do I know.

So, now we can really have the half full or half empty discussion (or any ratio you think). I say half full, 'cause we built on last week and the teams character moved forward.... so, half full or half empty? :cowboy:

An hour ago I would have said half-empty.
But they didn't fold the tent this time.
Hopefully what we saw in the last 20 minutes or so of the game is closer to the "real Ticats" than what we saw earlier.

They looked WORLDS better than they did last week. The team we saw last night was not the one we saw last Friday. It's another 0-2 start (the third in as many years), but I have to say the glass looks half full right now. They played better and lost by three to defendin champs on their turf. But they have to beat Toronto next week and Montreal the week after. If they do that, I think they're on their way.