Worthy Hall Of Fame Candidates.

The question of Kevin Glenn’s merit as a Canadian Football Hall of Fame member calls to mind some other potential nominees.

When the player is inducted, and attends the annual weekend festivities, his report on the experience is exceptionally positive. The Hall is beyond reproach.

But there are two people I can think of who have been overlooked: Mark Kosmos, and Gerry Organ.


Loved Mark … in his 8 year career he was twice a CFL all-star and once a Schenley runner-up for best lineman … on 4 Grey Cup winners … worthy of consideration … don’t know how that stacks up against other HoFers.

Cutler (16 years) and Ridgeway (14 years) were primarily placekicker and are in the Hall … Passaglia is the other “kicker” in the HoF (Many “position players” in HoF also kicked) … Lui is unique as he had a 25 year career doing both jobs … Organ had a 13 year career … seems the HoF voters are tough on kickers … not surprising as despite their impact on the game many don’t see them as REAL football players … issue may be “who else” gets in if they select Organ.

Intelligent reply.

Organ played on two Grey Cup winners and a part on many winning Ottawa seasons. He was perennially an East leader in kicking.

He still goes to REDBLACKS games at TD Place.

Bob Cameron played a thousand years; isn’t he in the Hall?

I know this will be hard for some to swallow because he only played 2 years but I’d add Camron Wake someday, and of course Bill Munsey.

Joe Zuger. Long, long overdue.

it’s actually pretty shocking that he’s not already in the HoF. How the heck did he get overlooked?

I’ve seen his name mentioned a lot here for HOF.

Maybe somebody can build a case for him.

11 years

His stats sure don’t scream HOF to me:
QB: 50 % completion
76 TD -95 Interceptions
12,600 yards
885 yards rushing-3.1 yd /average

DB: 9 interceptions

Great Punter though: 45.5 yards

All his career in Hamilton so I hope he’s on a wall there. But for a league HOF I just don’t see it.

You want a case ? Hows about…

CFL and pro league record most TD’s thrown in a single game on both sides of the border . Which just happened to be the first game he ever played …8 TD passes total (a record that has stood since 1962 , 57 yrs and likely never to be broken ) It has been called without question , the most outstanding debut ever seen in professional football on both sides of the border in any league .

5 appearances in Grey Cup games in his 10 yr playing career (62,63,64,65,67 ) . Winning 3 of them (63,65,67) . Playing 3 different positions total in those games ( db/qb/p)

was named the 1967 Grey Cup MVP .

CFL record 45.5 yd punting avg over his 10 yr career . Averaged over 48 yds per punt in a season 3 times in his career .

Ti-Cats General Manager from 1981-1992 .

Zuger’s teams made the play-offs for 9 consecutive years (81-89)

Zuger GMed his team to the Grey Cup 4 times in total including 3 yrs in a row (84-85-86) . He won his 4th Grey Cup in his career to go along with his 3 as a player as the GM of the Cats in 1986 when his heavily rated underdog team defeated the favoured Eskimos 39-15 .

Was also GM of the Cats in what many consider to be one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever played when the Cats lost a heart breaker to Saskatchewan 43-40 three years later in 1989 .

So all told including his playing career and post career as the teams GM , Zuger’s spent a total of 22 seasons in the CFL .

10 yr playing career , all with the same team (62-71)

12 years General Manager , all with the same team (81-92)

9 total Grey Cup appearances in that time combined .

5 as a player (62,63,64,65,67)

4 as team GM (84,85,86,89)

Was a member of 4 Grey Cup champion teams

3 as a player (63,65,67)
1 as team GM (86)

I rest my case !!! Joe deserves to be in the HOF and it’s a travesty that he’s been snubbed all these years .

You have certainly sold him to me. Definitely should be in there.

Well done bobo!

Thank you for that

IMO Zuger’s candidacy as a player is marginal at best. One truly amazing game at QB, lots of versatility and good punting for a decade isn’t gonna do it, I don’t think. But when you add his years and success as a GM, a good case can be made for him in the builder category.

Yes I do agree on this pw13.

Bobo’s post was a good picture of a long football career.

There are probably people in the HOF who contributed much, much less than what Zuger accomplished for the league.

For some reason all of our lobbying on behalf of Joe is falling on deaf ears.