Worth Watching (even if it's again for all of them)

cfl.ca’s Top 10 Plays of Week 18:

Half of them are from Guelph, but most impressive, to me, is the effort and block, 50 yards down field, by QB Travis Lulay, on a simple hand-off play at mid field (#4).


That's pretty impressive for a QB to lead the running back that far down field.

Not as impressed with the tandem blocking on the Calgary touchdown.

Banks has got some moves. Love the inside-outside move at the end of his end-around run. Totally fooled the Als defender, and without losing any speed. He does, however, need to make sure he runs all the way into the end zone. Although I'm thinking Davis was more to blame for the almost-strip at the end of the field goal return, as he gave up on is guy right at the end. Did he step out of bounds?

And yeah, that catch by Green definitely earned the #1 spot. That might even convince Riders fans to vote for it for POTY. OK, probably not - they'll still vote for some lame catch by Dressler, or maybe a three yard run by Sheets.

Pretty sure that's an illegal block. Wasn't Banks called on the exact same type of play?

It's illegal to block below the waste on a kick return. It's not illegal on a play from scrimmage.

Seriously? I'm struggling to see why one would be allowed.over the other.

Probably due to angles and the relative speed of the two players in the two types of plays. On kick returns, the two players usually are moving straight at each other, often at full speed. Cut someone at the knees in that situation, the guy could be gone for the season. On a passing play, the two players are typically running in the same direction, or close to it. A lot less likely to tear the player's knee that way - still possible, of course, just not as likely.

hey ottawa cat the qb in that play was buck pierce travis lulay is injured

hi CFO.

definitely makes sense for special teamers but I must say its rather silly not to include to all players

Right you are, 29palomino, my mistake. I'm terrible with names. It's embarrassing.
Now that I realize it was Pierce, I'm even more impressed with the effort.

Didn't the announcer say it was Lulay as well?

It would prevent a few more injuries. And it would take it back to the game’s rugby roots. Not sure when the low hit came into football, or did it get taken out of rugby at some point?

im guessing when Linebackers got 250plus pounds lol