Worth repeating

Blow it up and start over. You hire a GM and intern he hires a coach! It’s simple and it’s the only way you fix this mess. Lancaster was a CFL legend and should not be remembered as a confused looking senior who can’t find his way home. It is a disgrace that Bob has let this go on for so long, and makes the firing of Marshal nothing more than window dressing. To anyone who does not like angry fans posting their true feelings and are simply happy to have a team, thanks for the financial support but you are nothing more than a cardboard cut out they use for extras in movies. Real sports fan’s actually want to see the home team win and don’t care about the colour of their pants, the music or any other stupid marketing ploy they use to suck a dollar out of your pocket. Our goal should be to win the Grey Cup, Bob has us just wanting to score an offensive touchdown and that is pathetic :?