Worst Uniforms in CFL?

There was a time when I was really proud of our logo and uniform. But I've really developed a dislike for the black jersey / black pants look. It just seems like this team has gotten away from the black n gold tradition. And I'm not a fan of the single yellow stripe on the helmet. I think it would look better without like it was in 2004 I believe (Greg Marshall's first year I think, the helmet was metallic black w no stripe).

I was think it would be cool to change the logo on the helmet to the one in the top left column of the page, with the white circle saying "Tiger-Cats Football".

And I like them to throw away the black pants for good. Or only wear them with the white road jersey's.

The more I see photos from the 80's uniforms and previous, the more I like the more simple look.

It just my opinion, but I think the following teams made smart choices going back to their retro looks on a more permanent basis: B.C and Sask.

I really like Calgary's retro jersey's as well and prefer the Argo's old "boatmen" logo from the 80's (the Condredge Holloway days" (they still suk)

Am I alone in thinking this or do others agree?


i agree with the black and black being canned --- over done cliche.. bring back the Gold!
come to think of it... the gold helmets werent so bad either..

take a big leap of faith and see some of the old 1950s gold helmets with the black stripe framed in white

the Doctor Doom look is not working for us or the players..

..course... its all up the Back Room and the Marketing people isnt it? :roll:

I like the black they look very classic and ominous when they wear all black.

sorry puddy... while i appreciate your opinion... there is nothing classic about wearing a color which has outlived its usefulness... wait a minute! given the tenuous state of the teams .. maybe all black isnt off the mark.. that way we cant see the scratch marks... :o

I am so sick of our home uniforms especially......I am so excited about the Retro Game ....We really do need the old look yet with the alternating stripes on the sleeves...and please use the gold pants at home.........Is Headquarters Listening? :thup:

Sorry but I have to say Winnipeg has the worst uniforms. Calgary would be next...

Now that the new leaping Tiger is a few years old, I think it looks excellent. Very clean and crisp. I sometimes see people in the city wearing the old logo on their jackets and it looks grubby to me now. If I was rich, I'd buy them a new jacket. :slight_smile:

I'm all in favour of going back to solid gold pants with a black stripe down the side. The jerseys will look good with that no matter what the design in my opinion.

Love the current helmets !! No tweaks on the helmet please. They're perfect.

I rank the home uniforms as follows:

The fact that you would rate the Toronto uniform above Hamilton shows you're not much of a Cat fan. I wouldn't care if our players wore hot pink uniforms.. they would still look better than Toronto.

For some reason football pants look better as a light colour...white, gold, light blue. I'm not a fan if the all-black routine, the 80's unis were the best. Unfortunately, with unis becoming more like track outfits, striping on the sleeves are on the endangered list.

All the teams look good now, overall. The worst in the last 40 years is the 70s/80s Winnipeg kit.

Let me get this straight you rank Montreal Uniforms # 1 ???
Where is your white cane

Ok, I'm not closed minded or biased like most of you seem to be, my opinion was stated, and just because I didn't rank Hamilton #1 or "above the argo's" in terms of uniforms, doesn't mean I'm any less of a fan. I buy my season ticket's year after year, I have a freshly autographed jersey hanging in my room and one that I wear to games with all of my other apparel. I come on these forums every single day at least 100x talking Ticats and other interesting topics. I constantly am checking Drew Edward's blog, Google news and the Ticats.ca website for signings and/or other news. Don't you DARE say i'm not much of a fan. :roll:

Next home game please do something for me. Stand up and announce to the people sitting around you that you think Toronto has a better uniform. See how that goes over. :slight_smile:

Argos retro uniforms are the worst uniforms I have ever seen very nice if your playing in an all girls league :thdn: :thdn:

Worst uniforms?

Shreveport Pirates. :wink:

I actually like the new logo. It's more modern and appealing for the younger generation. I was in a state of shock when it was first changed but I am all for moving ahead now.

I'll just rate the CFL jeresys...

There are 3 tiers...

Tier I: Love their jeresys. Would consider buying one (or in the case of the Ticats... ANOTHER one)

  1. Tiger-Cats (Own #28 Lumsden and #53 Montford both new style jerseys)
  2. Roughriders
  3. Eskimos

Tier II: I like their jeresys and really like all of their logos... but there are things about each that I could do without.
4) Blue Bombers
5) Alouettes
6) Stampeders

Tier III: Do not like their jeresys at all.
7) Argonauts (not being biased... I really don't like them.

8) Lions

The retro game between the Argos and Blue Bombers was just plain ugly! Both teams looked like hell and made me wish they didn't go retro. Then again... I don't really think anyone should. I think there should be TWO jerseys... home and away! That's it.


Memphis Mad Dogs - or - Birmingham Barracudas

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats look their best when they wear gold pants at home and away.

Holly smokes this takes me way back when watching games on T.V. when I was a kid in Calgary. I thought Hamilton looked cool in Yellow and Black back then; Garney Henley, Joe Zuger and Big bad Angelo Mosca. I think B.C. were wearing Black with Orange sripes back then along with Ottawa wearing Black with Red stripes. Mind you the burnt Orange that the Lions wear now is not highly on my list. As far as Edmonton's retro jerseys can't wait till the retro games against the Stamps, B.C. and the Rider Pride. :rockin:

I think the Cats have the best jerseys in the league. I feel they should wear the gold pants again but the jerseys are nice.