Worst TV day ever

This isn't exactly a CFL topic, but since there's no "general discussion" forum (HINT HINT) I'm putting it here.

I officially declare today, Sunday July 24 2005, as the worst day for watching sports on TV (at least in my city, with my channel limitations).

On CBS, I can watch golf.
On NBC, I can watch tennis.
On TSN, I can watch NASCAR.
On Sportsnet, I can watch baseball.
And on The Score, I can watch horses.

Hence why I'm now on the computer ... wishing I'd taped some of the football games from this past weekend so I'd at least have something to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen, Ugh i despise Nascar, it's no sport, and horse racing.. oh god shoot me now! Buy hey, i'd watch the jays!

Full contact fighter is on! yay!

What I want to know is why the hell do all these sports channels always show people playing cards?

That's not a sport. And if it is, those old grannies with their canes and wheelchairs who always play crib in the cafe by my place are premier athletes, because they are really good at it.

nothing wrong with baseball. Usually when their is nothing on, I resort to CNN.

I'll watch pretty much any sport with a ball or some kind of contact in it. Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, Nascar (it has contact lol) F1, Snowcross, Motocross, The Olympics. So in reality i guess ill watch prety much any sport (golf and tennis not iuncluded) first of all Gold is a hobby not a sport. And tennis and golf both are just plain boring to watch.

I like watching high level poker games, but I agree with the sport channel thing.

Keep it on the Game Show Network

Golf is a sport. It takes a finely tuned athlete to compete at the professional level. They may sometimes look a little lumpy, but they can do things that very few people can do. Try walking 18 holes in the sun every day for a 4 day tournament, plus all the hours they spend practicing. Of course, you are just stating your preferences, and that is fine, but don't call it a hobby.

Baseball has got to be the worst sport on TV. Instead of 162 or so games, it should be cut down to 2. One at home, One on the road. I get so excited when the season is done. No wonder it's America's past time. Even TO got a team.

until NFL starts, there should always be a CFL game on a sunday

What's so bad about the Jays?

I'm not a baseball person. Seeing the Jays win is always a plus for me. I can watch golf for a bit until I get pissed at it. Nascar is the worse for me..around and around. Tennis I actually like. Horses on the score is horrible to watch.

The other day i saw a Spelling Bee Competiton on TSN. I sure as hell could not do the spelling those kids were, but i do not consider it a sport.

There must have been a college game, of anything, on somewhere! Anything but a spelling bee.


I agree, lose the double headers and have 1 game on Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday.
While we are at it wwe can lose the NFL as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm my 65 year old retired grandfather does that everyday.. its not that tough, he earned his card though! go Fred senior!

Anyone who says golf isn't tough, has never golfed before. The way these guys play at the professional level is outstanding. The shots they can make are something else, and take years and years of training. Definately a sport.

I have always prefered baseball to golf.
At least in baseball when I hit the ball someone else goes to get it


Some people here have a serious case of Jockitis - so bad that Tinactin won't help!

Ever thought of reading a book, a newspaper or a magazine, mowing the lawn, going for a walk, doing some volunteer work, fixing stuff around the house, paying bills, rewriting your will, reviewing your investments, planning a trip, spending time with your girlfriend, cleaning your room, learning another language (besides 'jock'), looking for a new job, visiting the Humane Society and helping out, going to the library....stuff like that?

Nothing to do?

Sports isn't life, it's only the 'toy department' of life - so get a life!'

Good grief!

...oh, and by the way, baseball is the best game in the world, although I agree, not on TV - football is best on TV, though.

what do I do after all those things are finished?

Could be worse: what about when TSN decides to show that inane DOG SHOW highlights?

As for baseball, its an ok thing to watch.. provided you got a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other; otherwise, you'll start thinking the same thing Homer Simpson did once, "I never realised how boring this game is."