Worst transaction of 2018

The more I look at the trade of Ryan Bomben for the number 1 draft pick to pick up Mark Chapman the more I realize this will probably be the dumbest transaction our so called elite ticat management team made.

We cant low ball Mark Chapman salary wise and his salary needs to be competitive with the CFL draft picks. We freed up Bomben who was a OL all star player who fills in nicely at Right Guard. It will be nice to have Ryker Matthew's healthy again and Mathieu Girard out of retirement but Bomben was a beast. This all scares me especially if Chapman never comes. Ugh........

Chapman will sign and all will be well in the Hammer . This is not Sazio letting Tony Gabriel go to Ottawa over a difference of $500. Now that was just plain stupid. >:( >:(

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I hope you are right Pat. With Chambers torn ACL, suddenly a rookie Canadian receiver has much greater value, ratio-wise.

Then again 4 international receivers starting in Toliver, Banks, Saunders and Tasker is not bad also. We do have some canadians on defence that could start like Daly and Stephen...possibly 3 on the D line with capiciotti, Laurent and Vaughn

Toliver, Banks, Saunders and Tasker would be an unstoppable team of starting receivers.

Trading Collaros was the worst transaction of 2018.

Sorry, but QB's who go 0-8 don't deserve over 400K.

I think he was around $500K even.
And 0-12 I have to agree with you.

Collaros was 0-8 due to the stubbornness of Kent Austin.

Austin didn't start the same 5 players on the O-line in those 8 games.

He gave Collaros no chance of winning in most games.

Austin had lost the room , had lost the team overall. He was in the last stages of his coaching career here. Very few players had any confidence left. Heck I had even heard from a few people that are around the team that he was on the verge of letting Speedy B go.

No one can win under those circumstances.

As soon as June Jones was given the reins, EVERYTHING changed.

Speedy B was arguably the MVP in the CFL for the last half of the season. Jones gave everyone their confidence back.

I love Jeremiah and hope he can take us to the Cup. But I would have loved to have seen Collaros in the Jones offence for a few games.

Agree Collaros is the worst move of 2018. Not just for the Cats but the whole league.

not if Manziel pays off.

If Manziel and Callaros both do good, then it was very good for the league and not bad for the TCs.

If Manziel does good and Collaros does bad, then good for the TCs.

If both suck then the trade didn't matter and everybody loses, unless Masolli excels.

If Collaros does good and Manziel does bad, then bummer for the TCs but not so bad for the league.

The Collaros trade didn't involve Manziel at all. Collaros was traded for a 2nd round pick.

that is not the point

but it does beg the question, would Manziel be in the picture if Collaros had not fallen.

I'd have to think Winnipeg fans would argue that it was a pretty bad idea to sign Durant, pay him a big signing bonus, and then count on him to provide QB depth.

If Franklin ends up as the #3 QB in Toronto (as apparently there is a competition for #2), then his decision to sign there could be the worst transaction by a player. He might have been a starter elsewhere.

IMHO, I don't care whether Chapman was drafted #1 overall,
As a REC, he should NOT be paid more than Tasker

What does Tasker make ?

Tasker is around 150-200K per season like all well established starting receivers in the CFL. Everything seems based on a going rate now, and most make similar money.

The going rate right now for a 1st overall pick would be about 90-100K per season - so certainly less than Tasker.

I thought that was around what Chapman was looking for, around $300K over three years, so averaging $100K per year. Or did I hear wrong?

You heard right.

I would certainly imagine that Tillman knows exactly what the "going rate" for the first overall pick got last year.
I would also imagine that Tillman has offered exactly that, so when it is reported they are "miles apart"
then I would gather that it is the Chapman camp is setting the bar high, Maybe not Tasker high,
But I think they are asking for much higher than what last years #1 got
How much more should Chapman get than Ciraco ??
I don't think Tillman is "low balling", I think he has probably offered a reasonable contract.
Tillman has been a GM and signing 1st round draft picks for 25 years,
I think he is very well aware of market value.

Chapman is hurting himself bigtime by missing camp

Maybe Chapman doesn’t want to play here, and this is his way out? Goes back into the draft after one year, doesn’t he?