Worst trade since Lanny McDonald to Colorado

Ridiculous. Why would I bother showing up again. It is not that you got rid of Johnny but the bag of soiled jock straps you got for him. Tillman has to go. Worst gm ever. Gave Toronto a grey cup in the Ricky Ray trade now this. TERRIBLE.

Based on the tweet from johnny’s agent, in thinking he requested a trade. With Jones sold on Masoli, Manziel saw he wouldn’t get to play and needed to get out.

You have to wonder why they even bothered with bringing Manziel in. Jones went from saying Manziel could be the best CFL player ever...to sticking with Masoli no matter what. They probably could have traded his rights to Montreal before the season started and got more...could be an angry crowd on Saturday!

This is the most confusing/frustrating part to me. Masoli has had a couple good games and all of a sudden he’s immovable? Why go through all the crap they did to get him here only to never play him and move on as quick as they did?

Courtnall for Kordic was worse.

Oh, please get over this whole "JF is the best thing the CFL has ever (and will ever ) see" thing! He hasn't played a down in a real game, yet according to some, he's the next Saviour.
How can anyone say that with a straight face?

Once he has played a few games and proved himself, then ok, fine. But, until then, he has done nothing for the Cats and will still need to prove himself with the Als.

So, all the bitching and moaning about losing the best backup (and obviously, best EVER CFL QB ::slight_smile: ::)) is nothing more than hot air and speculation.

If he lights it up in Montreal, good for him. THEN (and only then) you can say it was a bad trade. Until then, you got nothing to base your "facts" on.

That’s just it. Manziel never got the chance to show what he could do in black and gold. Why? Because management thinks masoli is the guy.

Most fans after watching Masoli for 6 years are simply saying we’re not so sure. He’s improved a ton to his credit, but seems to be lacking in key areas. He can’t seem to will his team to a win when they’re playing without the lead, he has a penchant for turning the ball over, he’s really good, but most are not sure he’ll ever be consistently great.

And after all the effort to get Manziel, he’s gone, never getting a chance to be a great QB for the cats.

Dont want to mortgage future on a short term gamble is more accurate.

What good is a resource not being used if it affects Team chemistry or whatever else happened to change things, maybe the coaches and GM realized after our last terrible performance that we need better players ,Williams for one & Canadian Defensive End .Love the draft picks ...we'll see

Patrick Roy to Colorado {Quebec} takes first booby price after the trading RRay

I am excited to see Manziel play to see what he has. I hope he does well, I hate it when the league isn't competitive and Montreal isn't. At least Ham and Tor are competitive even if they lose.

The players they got in return were just Montreal dumping $$, WILLIAMS...PLEASE! Banks is faster so what do we need Williams for?

Or, management thinks that Manziel isn’t?

Eric Tillman said they had been talking with MTL about a deal for Manziel, on and off, since February 2017. MTL’s interest hit a peak late last week, and thus so did Manziel’s trade value.

See the video “July 23: General Manager Eric Tillman.” available here on the ticats.ca main page.

I like what we got for him but none of that will matter if we find ourselves without a quarterback, as Montreal knows. This trade doesn't piss me off so much as the general bleeding of assets that's characterized this team's personnel decisions so far this season. Was there really no trade value for Vernon Adams, who's started and won 3 games in the CFL? Could Ryan Bomben have factored into the Manziel trade if he hadn't gone for a draft pick that was then wasted? How about Abdul Kanneh or Emanuel Davis (who's lighting it up in Calgary), why not keep those trade chips around a bit longer if something is in the works for Manziel? Worst of all we lost our left tackle, I don't like how Tillman is playing fast and loose with our O-line that took a whole damn season to figure out.

If you listen to the Tillman press conference, you will hear him explain why the decision was made with respect to Washington. In short, the team felt they have capable guys to step in, and as they say - you give quality to get quality. Rice was basically a rotational player, although the future of his TE role could be interesting. Whitlock?

As to Adams, Kanneh and Davis, and especially Bomben, I agree, but again, as Tillman explains it, once the other teams know you are letting someone go, or need to let someone go, your leverage is diminished. They are then willing to wait, and gamble on the waiver or a cut. Plus, if you release a guy, they are then free to negotiate a new contract and contract terms.

Have to confess I don't know about the wisdom of the Manziel trade, but both Jones and Tillman seem to be in agreement, at least publically. And I believe I read somewhere that Jones has a lot of say in the selection of players, which I would presume includes trades?