Worst Ti-Cat trades

The greatest trade we ever made that we didn't actually make! :wink:

Faloney to Patterson was magic indeed.

OSki Wee Wee,

That is correct. Orlondo Steinauer and Eric Lapointe were traded to the blue team when the Ticats reacquired O'Shea back in 2000. You can click here to view Eric Lapointe's Cfl.ca profile to verify this. Just check the section there about what happened on June 11, 2000, and you'll see that what would be a bad move was made by Ticat management was made that day. Did it come as much of a surprise that O'Shea left us foir the blue team the first chance he got... again?!

And I figured we'd regret the trade that sent Tony Miles to that same blue team for Montford. I also think we traded the starting fullback we had at the time, as Radlein was able to take his place. But I figured Miles would be a player with 1,000 yard seasons in his future and that he could be an all-star receiver. But it may be true that we may not have been able to re-sign him, and we could have lost him for nothing.

I think the other 4 players involved in the Tony Gabriel deal were - going to Ottawa - Gary Kuzyk. Coming to Hamilton, lineman Doug Collins, slot back Terry Wellesley, and receiver Gary Tufford.

Oh well such is life when you have inexperienced GM's. Way back when Hamilton had great management and was one of the top teams in the CFL for years. Back then you could wait for the NFL cuts to prop up your team. Now you actually have to recruit the players since half the season is gone before the NFL cuts are available. Lets change the managment style of this team and get proactive. Get new young players and give them a chance. Need I say more when our team leaders are CFL legends.

Correct, worst trade ever. As O’shea just went back after his contract ran out.

Montford went as a free agent.