Worst Ti-Cat trades

I am still peeved over the fact that we traded Tony Miles to Toronto. He was great for us on special teams and a solid receiver.

How about a blast from the past.....Clements for Brock?

Was Tony Gabriel traded or a free agent?

What bonehead deals can you recall?

On the other hand.....what deals have we clearly won over the years?

If I remember correctly,we traded Tony Miles,Clifford Ivory and Joe Montford to Toronto for Mike O'Shea.I could be wrong.

8) One trade that really worked out in the TiCats favour took place in around 1960. Cats traded Bernie Faloney and Don Paquette to Montreal for Sam Etcheverry and Hal Patterson. Etcheverry ended up not coming to Hamilton and cancelling the Faloney part of the deal, leaving the Cats with Hal Patterson in exchange for Paquette !!!! One of the worst one-sided trades in league history. Thankfully Hamilton was on the winning end. Only us old timers on here would remember this great deal !!!! :lol:

kamau for brazzell, cavil for a 3rd rounder maybe not the worst but still very bad deals for the cats

Clifford Ivory and Joe Montford signed with "that team" who starts with "A"AS FREE AGENTS.

Worst trade -had to be any trade where we sent Tony Gabriel to Ottawa !!!Tigerrag ,you're correct ,that was it.

Close to worst was sending Tony Miles and Jeff Johnson to the A'S for Montford,we lost one of the CFL 'S best recievers for a guy who walked out on us and never did much after .

Was that a Lancaster trade....shame on you Ronny ,stick to coaching! :cowboy:

8) No, we traded Tony Miles to Toronto just to get Joe Montford back !!! Cliff Ivory left when he became a free agent I believe.

Joe Zuger traded our first round draft pick rights for the neg rights for Don McPherson.

I think the same happened to get Craig Yeast here too.

Neil Lumsden to Edmonton for Bruce Lemmerman who played in 2 or 3 games for us then retried and went back to the Eskies and became their Qb coach. Lumsden played for about 10 years for the Eskies.


that whole Troy Davis/Dan Comiskey/Dmac/Draft/Baker pick for
Brock/Cody/Maas isnt looking to swell right now.
Maas was the big fish we tried to land but i think Brock and Cody have played much better.

My number 1 followed by the Tony Miles for Joe Montford.


kamau for brazzell, cavil for a 3rd rounder maybe not the worst but still very bad deals for the cats
I am not sure how you would consider cavil for a 3rd rounder a bad trade...seeing how we got him from Montreal for a 4th.

The start of last season, didnt they cats give Joe Montford to Edmonton for Dan Cominsky and then trade Cominsky back a few weeks later?

1-Tony Miles For Joe Montford
2-Joe Montford For Dan Cominsky.
3-Brazzell For Peterson

Those would be the 3 worst. & I think someone already said it but all those deals with Edmonton sure arent looking good either.

Sort of unfair to bash the Miles trade. When it happened he was coming up on free agency and would have bolted to the richest contract out there since the ownership closed the vault and would have had no hope in resigning him.
They needed a marquis name and a fan favourite like Montford back for the sake of fan interest.

Besides what's so great about Miles?

A slightly better than avg. rec. who gets hurt alot.

Damon Allen for the rights to O'shea, we would have made it to the Grey cup at the very least if that trade never happened.

Anyone remember this rumoured tade: Tracy Ham from the argos for Earl Winfield, Lee Knight and a couple of other players I can't remember?

steinhauer and eric lapointe for oshea i believe.

Have to agree!

Again the Cats had to get something for Allen before he bolted since Allen's contract was only for a year. There's no way they could have outbid anyone to keep him. Braley was not prepared to blow more big money on just one player.

Allen's performance in 92 was forgettable anyway.

O'Shea, curse his black soul, ended up being Rookie of the year and a perennial allstar for the Cats.

Under the circumstances a good trade actually.

Tony Gabriel said that he would no longer play for Hamilton when the east went to the same number of games as the west ( 16 and we had been 14). Ralph Sazio refused to give him more money for the 2 extra games as you signed for a season and not the number of games. If you were to be traded either west or east your contract did not change.
If I'm not mitaken he ended up signing with Ottawa for only about 1000 dollars a year more, but for him it was the principle of the issue as he saw it at that time that was important.

Allen went on to win the Grey cup that year, we had a revolving door at q.b and missed being in the Cup by a missed Ozzy field goal with Tod Dillon leading the attack after only being with the team for 3 weeks.

As for the lack of funds, the next season we signed Tim Rosenbaugh for 500 k. O'shea only had one memorable year for us before going to the NFL, then signed with Toronto.

Tony Gabriel was involved in a 5-player deal between the Cats and the Rough Riders in 1975. The other players who were swapped escape me at the moment.

Chuck Ealey to Winnpeg for Don Jonas in 1974 was another trade I would not have made...

Oski Wee Wee,