Worst team in the cfl

No more excuses. This team is atrocious. The D is average and the O is one of the worst in the history of the CFL. Condell has to go. PERIOD. Dane is not a starting QB. And we have no receivers to catch the ball even in the rare occasion when he makes a good decision/throw.

This team might not win a game this season.

Be happy its not 2023 and we have the GC.

When does the NFL start?

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You know it's bas when the 0-3 team is higher in the standings...

Good point. Just write off this season. A Western team is going to win the GC this year anyway. Probably BC. No East team wins in Regina. Start building for 2023 at home.

We will be hosting . The only question is which two teams will be playing in it not including Hamilton ?

The good news is: the east is so weak that Hamilton could well be playoff bound or even hosting a playoff game despite an 0-4 start. Seriously. All is not lost.


Are you joking? The O has scored one TD in 10 quarters!!!


Nope. I think the Als and RedBlacks will finish at the top of the east and there will be a cross over from the west.


I love that optimism. Just for laughs I'll give it go too.

Having hit rock bottom the TigerCats have nowhere to go but up. :smiley: :+1:


I don't post.... Ever but when they let Jeremiah go.... I thought immediately they kept the wrong quarterback, oh and Condell has got to go... Can they not stretch the field!!!! Let the backup start next game,I mean what's the worst that could happen???.... Lose again???


Ottawa: 0-3
Toronto: 1-1, probably going to be 1-2 after this weekend.
Montreal: 1-2, probably going to be 1-3 after this weekend.

Literally one win puts Hamilton in a three-way tie for first. LMAO I know the east is always weak, but this year it's comically weak.

Doesn't matter how you win, as long as you pick up a W. But for that costly Evans fumble you would have won the game. It's close. You don't have to chase a B.C. or a Winnipeg or a Calgary for the division. The playoffs are still doable.


Oh, there will definitely be a crossover, because there always is, but Ottawa is 0-3 and Montreal isn't much better at 1-2. This division is still anyone's for the taking.



All three Eastern teams, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto are far better than the Cats.

110% agree

I don't think any eastern team is much better than any other eastern team TBH. But I do think that is something is weird and off with Hamilton this year. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the lack of urgency from Coach O. I thought for sure that Hamilton would come out strong tonight in front of their home fans and trounce Edmonton to pick up the W. Instead, they just gaffed the game away. Something's not right.


I keep waiting, year after year, for the east to gain parity with the west. Looks like this year may be the worst ever,


I'm still trying to wrap my head around that Calgary game. I thought things couldn't possibly get any worse for Hamilton than that.


Perhaps Coach O sunny ways are just a myth. To start the game they won the toss and choose to screw that up. Serious lack of talent, talent evaluation. Stupid coaching decisions and predictable play calls. The stands looked fairly empty. The fans vote with their seats ...