Worst Team Ever?

So; are the Edmonton Elks the worst team ever? Do we want to curse them with a 0 win season?

0-8 in 2023
12 game losing streak (2022-2023)
20 game home losing streak (pro sports record)

A few NFL teams have longer losing streaks (Tampa Bay I think is the overall worst at 26 games without a win in 1976-1977) and both Lions and Browns have put up winless seasons in recent years

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Well I believe the Cats hold down both the number one and also the number two position on the infamous “Worst CFL record in an 18 game season” . Yup the Kitty Cats of 2003 come in at the number one spot with their magnificent 1-17 campaign of 2003 . They also have the runner up slot with their abysmal 2-16 season in ‘97’ .

Personally I would love to put these 2023 Elks up against the 2003 Cats in a Sims and set it at 100 games played total and just see who would come out on top (bottom ? ) for the crown of All Time Worst CFL Team .


7 wins 33 losses over the last 3 seasons so far. Pretty abysmal, but I suspect not the worst in history.

Ti-Cats circa 2006-08 …54 gp / 10 W / 44 L (4-14 / 3-15 / 3-15) .

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Ouch. How did it feel not being able to sit down for 3 years?

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Honestly I had season tickets for all three seasons and got to the point of not expecting them to win when I went to the game . The real sad , crazy part though was the games I couldn’t go to I couldn’t give my tickets away no matter how hard I tried . Looking back all I can say is good gawd were those bad teams .

Actually here in the Hammer we refer to that era dating back to the ‘03’ season up to the ‘08’ season as the dark era . We managed to somehow make the playoffs once in that time frame but we’re quickly bounced in the ESF . As for the rest of the time ? well the less said the better . :scream_cat:

The Dark Era circa “03-08” (108 GP / 25 W / 82 L / 1 T / .231 PCT /

2003… 1 - 17 - 0 4TH missed play-offs
2004… 9 - 8 - 1 3RD lost in ESF
2005…5 - 13 - 0 4TH missed play-offs
2006…4 - 14 - 0 4TH missed play-offs
2007…3 - 15 - 0 4TH missed play-offs
2008…3 - 15 - 0 4TH missed play-offs


What the heck happened in 04?

If I can recall, Danny Mac had one more great year in the sun. I think he was injured in 03 but do not hold me to that.

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That would make sense though.

I’m not really sure :smiley: It was the first year of the Bob Young ownership so let’s just chalk it up to beginners luck . Also like already mentioned Danny Mac had one good season left in him in that ‘04’ season . As you can see though by the results in the next 4 seasons it was all downhill from there . Unfortunately for us our success and luck were indeed short lived to say the least . :scream_cat: :cry: :sob:

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Sadly, these blips are brutal and tough on fans. One of the reasons I despise Jones as a leader of a team. Is he has zero conscience or regard for the fan base. None

Also sadly, I’m enjoying watching this epic implosion in Edmonton. I usually feel sorry for a team, and start hoping for a win. I continuously hope for Edmonton’s losses to mount.

However next week, with a Canadian QB getting his start, I already find myself pulling for Ford. It would be a great story. Although I can’t see it happening.


See its so weird I remember them being awful but I have never doubted a teams ability to play so much as current Elks

It looks like the West fell apart that season… Hamilton 3rd in East (and 2nd in West)
6 of those Hamilton victories were vs Western teams as entire division collapsed that season

Well, they are not winning this week, so…
Go Bombers!


That’s for darned sure. They’ll lose like a fat lady with her mouth wired shut.

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You guys are jinxing it…

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Mighty decent of Cats fans to lend hope here. With any luck your Elks will be losing a couple Grey Cups in 8 or 10 years and things wont seem so bad.