List your top two worst supporting fans.

  1. Toronto- largest population base, least # of fans. But can you blame them!!?

  2. B.C. - over a million and a half to draw from but cannot fill the lower bowl some games. Miss Bobby Ackles' hard work already. :rockin: :rockin:

I pretty much agree. People here only support what's trendy as most of Vancouver is a bottomless pit of yuppie trash.
Tho, there are many true fans who have been there through the dark years in the 90's.
But in general, Vancouver has bad sports fans, its not limited to the Lions. Too many bandwagon jumpers. You should hear it here, aparently the Canucks lost a few games and they're already yelling to gut the team. Much lol

While they always have a good turnout, Edmonton fans are way too quiet for the attendances they get. Maybe it has something to do with sitting so far from the field and thus not feeling as involved. I dunno.

What a pointless topic. Pointless because it can only serve polarize and antagonize. Pointless because it's largely subjective (do you have the TV numbers in each city or are you basing it strictly on butts in the seats?). Mostly, it's pointless because no one is going to pick YOUR team, which is probably why you created it in the first place. :thdn:

Turkey touch a nerve there, rhymes?

I agree Rhymes with Orange, a pointless topic.
But I would like to counter the topic subject by saying I am proud of our fans, and always have been, even when there were just 9000 in the seats. Last home game against Saskatchewan and the buzz around town was distress over the standing of the team, boy were the seats full and noisy! And don't tell me it was the greenies in teh seats.......for once, their presence was negligable.
The fan base was there loud and proud, the lower bowl was almost full and the top bowl was making plenty of impact. Team even got a standing ovation.
So don't tell me that our fans are one of the worst...........
And by the way, I am the second generation season ticket holder, started by my Dad in 1954 and unbroken since then...hows that for support.....wow, there was no such thing as "yuppie trash" way back then!

Although the Western rivalries can be fun, a lot of fans take it too far. I've seen a lot of bad apples in the ranks of the Winnipeg and Calgary fanbase. The game I went to in Montreal was probably more fun, as the fans weren't obnoxious about it, and were into a more spirited fun taunting.

I would put Edmonton fans up there, too. That rivalry has cooled down quite a bit recently. I think the Sask people feel badly for them and thier series of last-place finishes. The Edmonton fans don't have their usual dominance to rub in our face, so they're more timid these days.

Yes, for the reasons I think I outlined fairly well above.

Let's see starting in the West.

Something negative about everyone:

B.C., ultimate fair weather fans.

Calgary, can we say bandwagon

Edmonton, too quiet and sometimes too negative

Regina, somewhat obnoxious especially considering they've only won 3 Cups. Been known to throw things and dump manure on players lawns.

Winnipeg, pretty good for a fairly small fan base, have to give them some slack cause they have to live in Winnipeg.

Toronto, wannabe NFL, simply not a good sports town.

Hamilton, hate the aski wee wee thing, IMHO the CFL's best fans.

Montreal, poor attendance for a big city, play in band box.

Good summary.

i think calgary has the best attendance this year so far, as far as game by game goes.

How do you figure?

I think the fact they still have fans after the last few years says a lot. Plus during those horrible seasons, they still had relatively good attendance.

Support their team, win or lose. Go to a Grey Cup, regardless of where and Ti-Cat fans are the group you want to party with, other than your team. They also party hard and manage not to be terribly obnoxious (except for the cheer).

agreed, tie cats fan are the best fans in the league.

i think though, there was a time, for twenty years, it was the eskimos fans.

Or maybe it's because the team hasn't given the fans something to cheer about in the last four seasons... :stuck_out_tongue:

I rest my case.

:lol: Lighten up, man.

If Ticats are the best fans in the league then please explain why they've had 2 games with under 20,000 people in attendance in a season when they finally have a competitive team.

I've had fun when I went to a Ti Cat game @ IWS but it in no way beats the atmosphere of a Bomber home game! Haven't been to Mosaic yet, but looks fun, although I can remember some pretty lean years for the Rider attendance before the great bandwagon jump of the 2000's!

Montreal is always sold out and I bet give it another 10,000 seats and it will still be sold out! Not enough to fill up the Big O every game however