Worst Start To A Season In Years

As a fan with no home team to follow, I am finding it very difficult to sit through an entire CFL game this year.
The quality of play has been well below par to almost amateurish.
Too many fumbles and interceptions. Too many dropped passes. Too many penalties.
And the QBing in most of the games outside of Anthony Calvillo has been atrocious.
Leading to boring football.
Lets hope the reason is its early and teams are working out the kinks.
But if this level of play continues into August and September, I think Cohon has a big problem on his hands.

I guess the Toronto media was right. The CFL is a bush league!

Boring, bush, one sided I couldn't care less, at the end of the season there will be another Grey Cup champ and I want it to be the TiCats and I don't care how we do it, even with the boring style of defensive play like the New Jersey Devils played when they won.

berezin, you need a team to cheer for and then you're perspective on things will change. Remember the saying "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." Remember that when you finally come around and have a favourite team. :wink:

Got A point about “Worst Start To A Season In Years”. I started following last season again after following warren moon and doug flutie years ago. Seems last year scoring was up and a lot of stars. I thing having no nfl europe and areana league has a lot to do with it. A lot of stars like Cameron Wake bolted for the NFL. Which beggs the question, is the CFL the new feeder league for the NFL?

sure its been a bit of a slow start but you have to realize that every league will have a yer or set of years where things seem to simmer for a while before taking off!

it is difficult to watch a Toronto vs Hamiilton game some nights.. or two crappy teams play one another.. but some times those games can be very entertaining!

CFL is not a feeder league for the NFL as most NFL teams carry big rosters and rarely does a guy from the CFL go on to the NFL since many of these American college players were bypassed in the first place by the NFL usually because their size doesn't fit the position. A few guys like Flutie, Garcia, Wake go on to the NFL but very, very few.

Actually the NFL is a feeder league for the CFL much more than the other way around, the CFL can take guys a bit less on that or this due to our field size and faster paced game whereas the NFL has been fairly rigid on how many pounds you have to be a linebacker, defensive end etc.

Last year's start to the season had some very exciting games if i do remember correctly. A lot of high scoring last minute wins. This year has been boring so far.....no doubt about that. Yeah maybe I think that because my team sucks for the 1st time in many years but even the other teams aren't doing much. Montreal squeeked by Hamilton this week. Calgary is picking it up though so they could be a fun team to watch.

No doubt you knew Calgary would pick it up and be at the top with Montreal, both teams can light it up. Offense sells but without decent or above average defense, it’s a no go, like big drives off the tee in golf but if your short game and putting sucks, you aren’t going to win.

I agree about this season. Maybe the league should let the best players play regardless if your from United States or Canada. Talking to an import player from the Bombers he said "maybe 5 canadian players in the whole league" are any good, the rest wouldn't make the cut if they did not have the stupid canadian ratio rule. If the league wants to draw new fans how can you find news fans when the games are brutal.

The QB's stinking it up (Lefors, Pierce, Jackson) are all Americans. The ratio isn't the problem.

Things have been sloppy because there are 3 new head coaches and BC has made (dealt with) important personnel changes. That's 50% of the teams that have made major changes in the off season.

Montreal, Calgary and Regina are the only teams with any semblance of coaching and personnel consistency. It's not a coincidence that they're also the best teams.