Worst Security In Sports History

I've never seen such pathetic "security" in my life.

Streaker runs the length of the field TWICE and all the "security" can do is wander slowly towards him.

Then another character runs onto the field and if it wasn't for two Argo players absolutely flattening the pasty little jackass into the Hamilton sideline, I'm sure he'd still be running around.

BMO "security" is a total joke.

Oh, well...

Looks guys, something else for Area-51 to whine about.

I just have to ask, where'd you hide your phone to post from while you were running laps? Also props on the cardio.

LOL Dust :lol:

Now that is a 5 gold star reply Dust :thup:

...once at a rider/stamps game here a streaker entered the field in the NW corner, ran clear across to the SE corner, climbed the security wall (25') fell over to the other side, and from where I sit I could see him wandering around the parking lot, naked, wondering what to do....someone eventually gave him a flag to toga with...shyte happens, its not the end of the world...

From the section I sit, A ( SW ) I can see them taken in by security to meet with Calgary's finest.
Head down saying , "what was I thinking "

Congrats to all drunk clowns showing off or taking a bet from a friend. :roll:
Drunk public humiliation is the least of the worry. :oops:

I am sure you THEY will all enjoy the new earned CRIMINAL RECORD. :thdn:

At least we know the naked guy didn't have any weapons on him, er so to speak :oops:

Best solution to this problem is for the players to just unload on any streakers - - similar to what Rob Ray did to that guy who tried to challenge the Buffalo bench.

After a few guys take a helmet-to-face hit or get driven into the turf and concussed, I guarantee you won't see anyone else coming onto the field.

It was hilarious to see how quickly that pasty little twig tried to scramble off the field once a few of the Argos started coming at him.

At least they got the streakers. You want lousy security what about McMahon. Rabbit gets on the field and no one can catch him. He just runs around until he’s bored then leaves. And to make it worse I hear the rabbit got in the stadium without a ticket.

Now that’s the worst security in sports history.

Players are on questionable legal ground for taking a guy out who isn’t coming at them, though. They’re not security, they have no legal authority to take him out. Technically, assault charges could be laid, on top of civil suits for damages due to the concussions you want to dish out.


...what's worse is he does it year after year, he's obviously taunting the security and they cannot do a single thing about it...

...couldn't pay me enough to tackle a naked man....ew...

Ho hum.

That rabbit, has a contract. He is the back up to the TD horse.

No security system can stop fans from jumping on to the field. At BMO or THF or TD Place you could easily jump down on to the field. Maybe they could put up cages and bars like some of the European stadiums?
All they can do is warn fans that they will be arrested and fined.

That is right I was at a Seahawks game last year and two jumped on the field they were instantly tackled and arrested.

it happens in every league. does not mean bad security.

"Worst Security In Sports History"

Equating a couple of drunks running onto the field at a CFL game with the murder of eleven people at the 1972 Munich Olympics is an insult to those who died.

Forgetting that 93 people were crushed to death because of inept and inadequate security at Football match in Sheffield in 1989, is also an insult to those who died.

Nobody died at this game. Nobody will even remember this happened a year from now, while the terrible legacy of Munich and Sheffield will live on forever in the hearts of those whose loved ones perished.

I expect nothing less from Idiot 51.

Perhaps he should go to a European or South American soccer game and come back to complain about security.