Worst retro uniforms

OK, we did the best, now the worst.

You missed Winnipeg's royal blue with gold white gold arm stripes and gold helmet, white W outlined in blue.

In the row of team logos at the top of this screen, hit the bombers logo to see our 1970's style.

Wouldn't the team that comes in LAST in the BEST retro uni poll be the worst???

Just sayin'

...HEY HEY HEY...HEY...quit trying to use logic on this site...won't be having any of that around here I tell you...

The unis are different in the lists. No point in asking if the Al's 60s or the Riders centennials are the best...most people I've talked to hate them. Similarly, no one would put the Als 70s or Ticats into the Worst list. Well, at least, I didn't.

Now play along nicely, or I'll take my poll and go home. :roll:

Sorry R&W.. I'll cool it.......


I think I used up my week's worth of logic anyway... I'm finished!

:? 8)

...you and Nik Lewis both...

The Riders' black jerseys weren't technically their retro jerseys...they were their centennial jerseys...if they were the retro jerseys, they'd have worn them this week and next, as the other teams are...just sayin'...

And I'm with HTD re: the two polls...the two lists are close enough... :thup:

Without a doubt, Edmonton. Burn those things! I much prefer the 60's jersey from last year.

Refuse to answer. Shouldn't even be posting. :thdn:

Are you kidding? The Blue Bombers looked amazing with those colours!

I'm a bit torn, I hate the burgundy and black and whatever abominations of the Western Riders but I also hate the red version of the Phildaelphia Eagles look of the 60s Alouettes. I'm just glad they never decided to use the gawd-awful Alouettes uniforms with the green shirts. I swear, someone had been smoking something they weren't supposed to be that year.

I always felt when the Argos played with those uniforms that had bits of teal in them, looked back too.