Worst receivers in the league

Really to bad this team has no professional receivers. the rest of the team is good enough to win half its games but these guys are killing this team. Get to work Marcel...

That drop in the endzone was beyond ridiculous. That should've been a guaranteed 7.

And Matt Carter's fumble was the cherry. Whenever you see a receiver bobbing left to right like a rag doll you know this is going to happen.

It's pathetic that this is a professional football team's receiving corps. The RedBlacks lost, at the very least, 13 points because of drops (Carter's drop in the end zone, Henry's drop at the 20 with lots of running room, and Carter's fumble). The defense stepped up tonight in a big way. Four turnovers, including a forced fumble on the goal line and a third down stop. It seemed that almost everything clicked on defense, especially in our own end.

I had blamed Henry for the first few losses of the season, and he certainly didn't look great tonight either. That being said, the receiving corps is costing us games. This one hurt more than the rest. This one should've been ours.

On a more positive note, Brett Maher looked incredible tonight. Booming kicks, terrific angles, and even a tackle. Very well done, backed by a terrific defensive performance.

They didn't invest a dime in receivers this year and it shows bigtime.
Most of these guys shouldn't be in the league.

We won't ever see these receivers in the CFL once the RedBlacks cut them all in the offseason....or sooner.

T.J Hill after the Riders game got cut after a bad game, Carter drops a easy pass that would of extended the drive and then fumbles so shouldnt he be released? oh he's cdn so he excused for playing like a high schooler

So they bring in Onrea Jones to help... and he drops one on the goal line that hit him just under the numbers.

Marcus Henry is the most frustrating to me. The closer he gets to the goal line, the less reliable he becomes. He has dropped passes inside the opponent 10 against Winnipeg and Toronto and can't seem to go a whole game without leaving one on the ground. These guys are embarrassing.

I think there’s more to it than that. Jerrell gavins had four penalties in his first game and was kept. Brandon Lang and Jerail McCuller have as well and are still around.

With Hill, at 34 years old, IIRC, you know what you have. They seem to want to be patient with young guys learning, but in their late 20’s I don’t know if that should apply to Carter and Henry anymore either.

Its amazing that Burris is around 60 percent completion with this bunch ! Imagine if he had a couple receivers like Green and Dressler.

OTTAWA - The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League made the following transactions today:

•RELEASED national wide receiver Paris Jackson
•RELEASED international wide receiver Tim Maypray
•RELEASED international defensive back Seth Williams

What did Paris do wrong? Threaten to catch a ball? :roll:

We need to point out the awesome job of Pruneau as Linebacker. He is really stepping up and TJ Hill is not missed.

Now, if we can have some guys that can catch the ball, we'll be alright :lol:

especially balls thrown at their number :?
maybe add a little stickum to the jersey??? :lol:

I got a little nervous when Pruneau was on the limp late in the game though. Don't know what the plan is if he goes down. I think I would have kept Hill around and rotated them like they did with Pruneau and Fraser for a while. Maybe Hill wasn't really open to that and that's why he got released instead.

Back on topic, this is the worst Ive seen of any WR group ever. And that includes the Renegades. These guys don't even know how to gain separation from the DB to force themselves to get open let alone catch when needed. Starting with Marcus Henry who is a useless monolith.

Did you see the Ottawa Sun article from yesterday (I think) in which the offensive coordinator explains that far too often, they're not following assignments? Gives the example of a receiver (unnamed of course) running 8 yards when the pattern called for 14 (on 2nd and 11), catching the ball (!!!) but, obviously, not getting the first down.

They just don't seem football smart. You and I have seen Burris give it to Marcus Henry for not going down to stop the clock just before halftime once near field goal range. Carter describes his fumble against Edmonton as something to learn from in what? His 5th or 6th year in the league?

What's bugging me is how celebrated they get. Carter's had one good catch against Edmonton (that he didn't fumble...but that may have hit the ground...) and the team is highlighting all week. They keep showing off that Wallace Miles catch from last week...that gained all of 15 yards. You hope they're not burying their heads in the sand about this bunch.

these players should all be forced to give the RedBlacks their paycheques back. :smiley:

Miles does seem to be getting better, he made some good catches and over 100 yards receiving. His TD catch and run was a good effort.

Receiver was the one position in which they were not able to address in the expansion draft, Redshirt Draft, 2014 Draft, or free agency.
They were able to grab the best two modern FB/TEs in Lavoi and Delahunt. It seemed like they were using them a lot more at the beginning of the season then they are now.
I thought they would be using them both a lot more in Single TE sets as the base offence as well as double TE sets more. Having them used more as receviers as well as establishing the run game. They also have a third TE they drafted that is playing Lacrosse for now.
Made think they would use the Montreal style offense with Lavoi in his rookie year

there are/were plenty of CFL receivers available via free agency before the season began;

arland bruce
brian bratton
prechea rodriguez
jamal richardson
mo mann ( argos got him first )
romby bryant ( winnipeg got him first )

that's just off the top of my head. if put to the main CFL forum, i'm sure this list would grow substantially.

could probably get N.Lewis from calgary for cheap. they haven't been using him this season anyway and he is familiar with Burris.