Worst Quarterback to play for YOUR team!

After reading the Montreal forum, it gave me a topic idea.

Who was the worst QB to put on your home team Colours?

For BC I would say Don Moorhead, with Paul Brothers a very close second.

Both had a tendancy to throw passes to the OTHER teams!

Good posting Sport. Let me toss two recent Argos, Reggie Slack and Kerwin Bell.

Kerwin Bell was not that bad
4th all time Argo in passing yards
3rd in single season yards
1st in single season passing%
2nd over all
nothing to complain about there

Its all perception ro1313.... Third hates Ted White, but White lacks the stats to earn him "The Worst" to play for you guys. I bet you guys could come up with a few that you'd wish you'd run out of town!

Bell was awful when he played for the Bombers, but so were most of the guys at the end of their career who hung on too long....T Martin was just plain awful for guy with his credentials......Sammy Garza perhaps...Papa help me out on this one.....

MARTIN!!! no doubt about it.

sammy needs a few votes. i remember his first game. i believe it was three turnovers in three drives. 2 int and a fumble. you can add all qbs during the jr days, and how about roy dewalt with the blue. the most hated qb at the time is finally washed up and we pick him up. that was just a dumb move by murphy. can't put martin up there yet as he has barely had a chance although it was ugly.

Rubley was also pretty bad for the Bombers, for being the Bombers #1 Qb in 98, rating of 62.5.
Bell actually had 4647 yards in passing and 17 td's with a rating of 78.1, in 99..not bad at all..
Bombers had there share of misfits, in the QB spot..hopefully those days are behind us for ever..

Kerwin Bell did the same thing in the Peg as he did in Toronto: put up one monster season and then pretty much sucked thereafter.

That said, there were worse Argo QB's in recent memory. Jimmy Kemp, Marvin Graves, Mike Kerrigan and Andre Ware all come to mind (although Ware was Flutie's backup and never played)

Casey Printers (sour grapes)

Speaking for bc I would have to say "DAMON ALLEN"
He was horrible here. I don't know what happened to him when he went to TO, but here he SUCKED BAD.
Just a thought

Esks quarterbacks weren't too terrible. Nealon Greene was bad here along with Kerwin Bell and we had a very slow and washed up David Archer under the meatheaded tutiledge of Kay stephenson for one year. There were a couple of young kids that were terrible in the 80's right after the dynasty after Moon left, can't remember their names I think one of them was named elvis or something.

Also bomber fans, who was worse: Rubley or Martin?

How can you say that when he won a Grey Cup there in 2000. May be it wasn't the QBs fault just the reast of the team sucks.

After Moon was dunagan, then Allen, then Tracy Ham. That Elvis guy must of been a backup or sumthing because I can't rember him.

Yes, maybe the team sucked, but I seen a few of those games in person, and DAMON SUCKED!
Just to recap the season here you go. I don't exactly call an 8 - 10 season a winning one, even though they won the cup. At least Lui got his final wish.

The B.C. Lions began the 2000 season with training camp in Chilliwack, and they had only one goal in mind: win the Grey Cup. Six months later, they would achieve that goal, but the path to it was one of the most adventurous, unpredictable and memorable ever in the Canadian Football League. The year started well enough with exciting victories over Hamilton and Saskatchewan, but a 35-2 loss to Calgary began a four-game losing streak and a lot of finger-pointing. A win over the Toronto Argonauts halted the slide, but following the game head coach Greg Mohns resigned to go to the XFL. Long-time CFL coach Steve Buratto, who joined the club only two weeks earlier as a receivers coach, was promoted to the top job, and got instant results with a huge 51-4 win over the Argos in the second of back-to-back games. Despite playing exciting football on offence and being close in every game, the Lions only won one of their next five to sit at 5-9 on Thanksgiving, and a playoff spot seemed questionable, let alone a Grey Cup win. It was put up or shut up time, and the Lions came together when it counted the most. They won three of their last four heading into the playoffs, the offence became the best in the CFL, Damon Allen broke Ron Lancaster’s record for career passing yardage, Lui Passaglia played in a memorable “Luv Ya Lui� night final game at home, and also set a record for single season field goal percentage. The Lions finished the year 8-10 and in third place in the West, but everyone could see they were a dangerous team. A snarly defence started to show its grit, and the Lions roared into Edmonton a confident bunch and emerged with a 34-32 Western Semi-Final victory. Next came Calgary in the Western Final, and the Lions steamrolled to a decisive 37-23 win. The Cinderella season came to a close on November 26th in the Grey Cup, as B.C. won its fourth championship in team history with a nailbiting 28-26 victory. It was the only time a sub-.500 team in the regular season won the Grey Cup, and it signalled a marvelous end to Passaglia’s 25-year CFL career.

Cal. 12 5 1 0 604 495 25 Mtl. 12 6 0 0 594 379 24
Edm. 10 8 0 1 527 520 21 Ham. 9 9 0 2 470 446 20
B.C. 8 10 0 1 513 529 17 Wpg. 7 10 1 1 539 596 16
Sask. 5 12 1 0 516 626 11 Tor. 7 10 1 0 390 562 15
Semi-Finals - B.C. 34 - Edmonton 32 Semi-Finals - Winnipeg 22 - Hamilton 20
Finals - B.C. 37 - Calgary 23 Finals - Winnipeg 24 - Montreal 35
Grey Cup - B.C. 28 - Montreal 26

rubley was worse. martin may be as bad but hasn't had the chance to prove his prolonged futility yet.

Damon Allen???? He won us a Grey Cup in 2000!

I'm not surprised Edmonton Posters are struggling to find a name....How can you hate a QB when you been in the playoffs 30 years!

oh boy, this is acword. and I know that the feeling all to well