Worst Professional Sports Team Ever?

Has there ever been a more pathetic professional sports team? I'd like to know. Not because I'm looking to kick a dog when it's down. I'm sad, very sad. Please tell me there have been worse teams than this. Soccer, Cricket anything. Considering our recent history are we the most pathetic sports franchise in recent memory?

detroit tigers lost 118 games in 2003.
1972-73 philly 76ers won 9 games losing 73 games.
1976 tampa bay bucs 0-14.
1992-93 ottawa sens won 10 games lost 70 & tied 4

For effect: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 0-26 (1976-1977)

For longevity: Arizona Cardinals. Worst-run pro football team in history, IMHO.

I'm feeling a bit better

casey printers is the ONLY brightspot on this team ( that and jesse lumsden and armstead, who are both out of THIS game ).

setta is too inconsistant for me to consider a brightspot.

Don't forget The Oakland Raiders, it seems Hamilton and Oakland have been copying each other for the past 3 years.

Yeah at least Hamilton has made some moves.

Yes, Russ, but 1976 was the Buc's first season.

Well, that performance tonight would hardly be considered professional, that's for sure.

I've seen highschool teams look far more together than that.

The Ticat front office should be personally thanking everyone that attended. That game deserved to have no more than 1,500 people watch it.

Right. And? LMAO :wink:

The worst team, let alone expansion team, in the history of North American professional football, were the 1976-77 Bucs. NFL Films had probably banned the footage from ever being used under the Geneva Convention.* LOL

    • just joking -- most of the NFL follies features have stock footage of John McKay being eaten alive by all the ineptitude around him!

hamilton ticats are the only team to win a Championship in every decade.........Montreal canadians are close but......


so you have pointed out another record for us to lose.... thanks.

we thought we would lose it last decade in winnepeg in 98 but came back in 99 to win.....so I never give up.....until the fat lady sings...so to speak.....

They just needed time to gel.

In their third year, they had won 5 games... and by their fourth they had a winning record of 10-4.

In their first 4 years, the Buc's had 16 wins. Let's look at our last 4 years. Can we claim 16 wins (based on our longer season)? So, you really think the Buc's were worse? lol.

Her and her twin sister have been singing for a while now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da Leafs!!!

We will never lose that record, as it happened in the 20th century. By the way, I believe the Montreal Canadiens share that record with us. We are are the only two professional sports franchises in the entire world that have won a championship in every decade of the last century. I think that’s pretty impressive considering the Leafs have not won a cup since before I was born. This team needs to believe that we can win, and then it will happen. No more self-defeating, small-minded attitudes, just win. It is always better than losing…

I give Hamilton 2 years before they are contenders. Things will get better....because they sure as hell cant get any worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I would have to say the Toronto Maple Leafs - 40 years without a winner.

How many NFL teams have NEVER made the finals, let alone won it all? Same with NHL and NBA.