Worst pass protecting offensive line in franchise history!?

I would like to know if they has been another season where there has been more sacks given up...this offensive line is absolutely attrocious and couldnt block 4 girl guides...I am really believing that this team can't score not because of the QB's and not because of the WR's 'dropping balls' or 'not getting open' but actually the line is just this bad...not one QB in this league could play behind this offensive line and succeed...blah

it doesnt help if our most "experienced" receiver tony miles isnt helping his QB

paaaa thetic Tony

From this page:

Most Quarterback Sacks Against, Regular Season:

103 - Toronto (1986)
82 - Ottawa (1988)
79 - Ottawa (1984)
79 - Ottawa (1987)

I don't know how many sacks the Ticats have given up this season so far though.

prod has a lot of work to do learning to hold onto balls

I would blame most of the sacks on Porter hanging onto the ball WAY to long !!!!

Not great protection but alot of times he held on to the ball to long.

I think it was 45 sacks prior to tonight...so after 14 games, it's 55. At this pace, they will hit 70 or 71 for the season. Not the worst, but still terrible.

Once again the QB held on to the ball way to long !!!! The O line didnt do that bad , if the play isnt their throw the ball away . Tony Mles is WAY past his prime !!!!

I was at the game tonight. I would have to say, the offensive line was bad. There are other factors too. Porter played alright, considering his inexperience. The guy has an arm, and can throw. Unfortunately, we lack a potent go to receiver and tonight receivers were dropping a couple passes. Our offense looked really bad tonight. The defense must have been dog tired because they were on the field all night.

I guess this really confirms this quarterback discussion we`ve been having all season. Our QB is not the problem, it is the lack of unity and this football club playing as a team.

Overall, we just got beat by a better team, which isn`t a big shocker.

Lay the blame for this squarely on Obie's shoulders.

This offseason, what did he do to address the big team needs (O-line, receivers, D-line)? Nothing.

Instead, he gutted an area of strength (linebackers) without making the team better in any other area. Hired an O.C. with a proven track record of neutering offenses, the same O.C. whose offense got sacked more times than any other team in the league last season. And is still intent on signing running backs despite the embarrassing surplus of talent at that position.

O'Billovich is way past his best-before date. The lastest in a long line of bad personnel hirings by the Ticats disorganization.

The Five Fat Slobs were in fine form tonight.

"The Five Fat Slobs were in fine form tonight."

NICE!...have you ever said that to anyone of them in person?...you are another great Hamilton fan!
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Atta boy OB sign Kenton Kieth for stupid money, don't woory about the offensive line or the zero pass rush. By the time your done putting your stamp on it Bob Young won't be able to give the team away

Who was the guy who said they are good enough to play for this team should really doubt his profession!