Worst or most over-rated Quarterbacks in CFL history

Since there is a "Greatest CFL Quarterbacks in history thread", need a flip side of the worst or most over-rated of all time list too! A few come to mind.

  1. Vince Ferragamo - goes to the Super Bowl with the LA Rams a year or two before coming to Mtl, total flop here.

  2. TJ Rubley - believe he came in during the Reinbold era for the Bombers. So much major hype over this guy I recall in Bomberland, don't think he even made it to mid-season if I recall and not due to injury either!

in the over rated category, I nominate Dieter Brock, Damon Allen and Danny McMannus.


Cleo Lemon. No need to continue the thread.

I'll see your Cleo Lemon and raise you a Ted White

Strictly from a Cat's fan point of view........My list of the Worst/Over-rated Cat QB's in team history,in no particular order here is my imfamous top 10 list........Drum roll please :oops: :cry: :thdn:

1.....Don McPherson
2.....Tim Rossenbach
3.....Timmy Chang
4.....Jason Mass
5.....Casey Printers
6.....Jimmy Jones
7.....Kevin Eakins
8.....Pete Gales
9.....Cody Ledbetter
10....Wally Gabler

Well, bobo, we can probably do a list of 10 for each team. As an Als' fan, and again in no particular order, my list of 10 would read as:

  1. Ted White
  2. George Bork
  3. Jim McKean
  4. Warren Raab
  5. Bubba Marriott
  6. Ron Calcagni
  7. Brian Ransom
  8. Vernon Cole
  9. Vince Ferragamo
  10. Dan Gonzalez

Easy... Henry Burris... Kevin Glen would of been a waaaaaaaaaay better selection.

FYB- What constitutes "over-rated"? Is it that you don't feel they belong in the hall of fame?

Brock's 34000+ yards isn't too shabby. Great arm. Good legs.

I'll let others make the case for Allen and McManus.

LOL Better selections than who???? Did you look at my list???? That's a hard top 10 to crack,the Cats have had way WORSE Q.B's than Kevin and Hank. and I'm pretty sure that there are other crappy Cats that have played QB that I probably overlooked as well that didn't make my list.IMO Burris or Glenn wouldn't make my top 10 worst list,but they also wouldn't make my 10 best list....they're both clearly somewhere inbetween....not worst and certainly not best. :cowboy:

Worst and most overrated are two very disparate categories. Worst just means the QB sucks. Overrated means the QB isn't as good as many think he is/was, but he could still be a good or even great QB.

Worst = Dan Crowley
Overrated = Buck Pierce

Throwing a challenge flag on the Kevin Eakins nomination ... He wasn't that bad at all. Had nothing as far as a team around him. He's okay in my books.

As far as Gabler ...

"Wally Gabler's shoulders will be carrying the lion's share of the load Sunday when he directs the Tiger-Cats in the first game of the Eastern Football Conference final against the Montreal Alouettes. And it's ironic in view of the nomadic life the 26-year-old Royal Oak, Mich. native has experienced in his short career in the Canadian Football League. ... Arriving in late September to fill in at quarterback for injured Joe Zuger, Gabler quickly picked up the intricate Hamilton offence and was one of the instruments in the Tiger-Cats' first place finish." (Ian MacLaine - Canadian Press)

Ive been watching CFL consistently since the early 2000s, while watching games occasionally int he 90s.

Ted White has got to be up there for worst QB since then. I recall him replacing an injured calvillo in what I think was the 2004 east final with a decent lead only to p*** it away with multiple INTs.

For overated, Id have to go with Buck Pierce. Obviously fans/media dont think much of him now, but even 2,3, or 4 years ago I never understood the hype for him that some fans/the media had.

History could look very fondly on Damon Allen due to his longevity. If it works out this way, he will be very overrated.

Fair enough Fender,so I assume that you agree with 8 out of 10 on my list,Eakins and Gabler being the exceptions,so let's see your list for the Cats top 10 Worst/Over-rated QB's. Like I said,I'm sure that I missed or overlooked one or two that are worthy of being on the top 10 crummy list.A few that come to mind would be the likes of.....Pete Gonzalez,Ritchie Williams,Reggie Slack,Rickie Foggie,Ed Smith,Tom Rozantz,Dave Marler,Jerry Keeling,Bruce Lemmerman,Rick Cassata....There ya go another top 10 list to go with my original top 10 list,might as well combine the two and make it the Top 20 list of All-Time Worst Cat QB's of All-time :oops: :cry: :thdn:............p.s did I miss anyone ?? :wink: :lol:

Throwing a challenge flag on the Kevin Eakins nomination..........and upon further review,the nomination will stand,guilty as charged,the player will remain on the top 10 list and below I cite why the nomination will not be overturned

K.Eakins Q.B. stats with the Ti-Cats

2005.....44-74 att/com,59.5%,666yds,4tds,2int,95.9 rate
2006.....38-88 att/com,43.2%,461yds,2tds,9int,24.9 rate

Totals....82-162att/com,51.3%,1127yds,6tds,11int,60.4 rate

I rest my case,sorry Fender,but this guy is definetly top 10 worse material,hands down!!!! :thdn: :cry:

As an Als fan, I agree with you. He was absolutely awful.

For overated, Id have to go with Buck Pierce. Obviously fans/media dont think much of him now, but even 2,3, or 4 years ago I never understood the hype for him that some fans/the media had.
Agreed. I think what led people (even me!) to overrate him was the Buck Pierce we remembered from when he first broke into the league in BC, compared to the concussion-case, injury-riddled Buck Pierce of later years. He showed some great things in his first year seeing regular game action. But the injuries slowed him down, and crucially, the concussions affected his decision-making. So eventually I figured out that even when he was healthy, he wasn't particularly good. He has no internal clock in the pocket, so he'll stand there looking for an open receiver until a linebacker torpedoes him into next week with a huge hit.

Ferragamo has to be considered the most overrated QB in the history of the CFL.

In 1981, he was paid a then unheard of $600,000 per from the Als (as opposed to $250,000 from the LA Rams) and finished the season as 3rd string with an abysmal 51% completion rate for 2175 yards, with 7 TD passes and 25 interceptions.

Terrible numbers, and especially so for the highest paid QB in pro football at the time and heralded as the Als savior.

.....Got to second the Wally Gabler selection...I remember distinctly the first game he played for the Bombers, after his first couple of passes, I thought to myself, why the heck did we bother...Over rated and lousy were my conclusions... We got burned in that trade..Someone B.C. might want to add to their list of over-rated would have been Paul Brothers..another bomb.. :thdn: We've had our share of failures...witness the last few years in the Bomber camp..It was the football gods , evening up things, for all the great years we were blessed with having Kenny Ploen.. :lol:

I forget papa; who'd you trade to get Gabler?

.....I've blotted it out of my memory :lol: ...could have been draft pics and a player to be named later deal...Whatever we gave up it was too much...(Maybe someone else from those days can fill us in on who or what we got taken for :lol: )