Worst Officiating I have Ever Seen

Well, I just watched an absolutely the most shameful display by an officiating crew that I have seen in 40 years of watching the CFL. To the point where I just registered in order to say exactly how bad I thought it was.

who paid who how much for that cluster**** of officials?

Non calls, bad calls, incredibly bad spots of the ball......neither team deserved a win in this game (SSK vs. Argos) but letting the officials get away with that kind of crap is unconscionable.

I always thought it was the teams that decided the winner, not the officials. But in my mind, that is exactly who decided was going to win that game.

Get those clowns off of the field!

wich calls/non calls were the ones that bothered you the most? IM guess something along the P.I. ?

I felt they did a good job tryin to protect the QB's. they really need to call a play dead when a brain bucket flies off.

That post was pretty empty in content. Back up your complaints before you make them. If you're going to whine about the officiating, you should at least tell us which calls/non-calls bothered you. As it stands, what you're saying is just trolling.

clearly, you either watched a totally different game from the one I watched, or you dont know a rats ass about reffing.

My wife is a die-hard Rider fan (as I suspect you are to) and she scoffed when I read your post to her...

As everyone before me has suggested, you need to elaborate on what calls you take issue with.

probably just some casual watcher.

The refs have caught on to the Riders little put the breaks on two or three times to draw contact. They pulled the same little games last week in Calgary. The officating was fine.

I am a guy who can be pretty harsh on the officials, but I didn't see anything worthy of complaint in tonight's game.

so other than the officiating, how was your first CFL game? :wink:

in all seriousness, I've seen way worse this year alone and I think the refs have been better this year than last year.. there's no way this is the "worst officiating I have ever seen" ... maybe the Riders would've had a better chance if they showed up before there were 6 minutes left

Prolly crying cuz they wanted a PI call on the last Rider play.

I though the officiating was spot on. I thought all of the penalties were exactly why both teams are still in the basement.

I am a die-hard Rider fan and I do not think the officials did a bad job tonight. One or two missed calls? Sure. Always. But I saw some missed calls both ways, and I don't think they decided the game. Sure, I whined a bit about the PI non-call at the end, but the replay showed me the zebras were right.

Overall, I would classify the thread title and op's post as "sour grapes" and move on.

I PVR'd the game and have only seen the first half so far. There were a couple of questionable calls (PI against Sask in late in the first half was iffy) but overall not a bad half. And just to qualify, I am very critical of the officiating in the league and think Johnson is only surpassed by Proulx as the worst in the league, but he did (at least for the first half that I have seen) a decent job tonight.

Katica, you wouldn't be Greg Marshal would you?

Given that the first post in this thread is a reply to the second post, it's good to see MRX has their stuff working. :twisted:

Obviously a disgruntled Riders fan, hence the mention on the bad spot and non PI call, neither of which was a wrong call. Whiner.

Nobody wanted to see the Argos lose more than I did last night, but try as I did I saw no problem with the officiating. There are always going to be calls that could go either way, but they are only commented on when they go against the team the poster is cheering for.

That third down spot was dead on. He was nowhere close to the first down marker. I wanted a PI call at the end, because I wanted the Riders to win, but saw no infraction that would have warranted it.

(I was curious about punting the ball into the stands after a touchdown, though. Stala did it a few weeks ago and got an objectionable conduct penalty, which I had no problem with. But Boyd did it twice yesterday and never got a flag. Is it illegal or is it not?)

But the officiating was consistent throughout the game, and that's what's important.

Not illegal. The league said that no flag should have been thrown.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/07/cfl-says-ticats-stala-shouldnt-have-been-flagged-cobourne-shares-inside-info-on-alouettes.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... ettes.html[/url]

Although being at the dome and not seeing some of the penalties, it looked like the Riders got jobbed on a few calls.
That plus the FG kicker who should be cut.
Especially the pass intereference in the end zone against the Argo receiver when two Defensive backs were defending.
The Riders were the better team than my Argos and deserved better.

Reffing was fine last night. The Riders need to stop taking stupid penalties that wipe out interceptions and big returns. That is what really killed them for three quarters.

Oh, and maybe not do 3rd-and-1 in the shotgun? That was pathetic and they weren't even close.