Worst Offensive line ever!!

One word.....Horrible!!!

I've seen pinwheels that put up more resistance.

You are correct, sir.

They are being man-handled...pushed back all night.

At the half, Caulley has 19 rushing yards on four carries. Take out that one 12 yard gain, and he's only averaging about two yards per carry. Offensive line is not opening holes, which could explain why Caulley has so few carries.

Also, the QB being sacked four times at the half tends to indicate that line is not doing something right.

whats the league record for sacks allowed in a season?

On pace for ANOTHER 8 sacks allowed this game.

i agree our line is doing nothing .....no pass block no run block well i should say we make one good block then 7 or 8 no blocks !!!

Is it just or me or did it seem like Porter had much more time in the pocket than Printers did?

8) Well, they're sure not improving at all, and at this point of the season, they are actually getting worse !!! :roll:

They looked pretty good in the second half.

Must have been the adjustment.

porters quick reads and release help also. mcmanus can help him with that.

A QB that makes a quick read=Porter=good O-Line

A QB who holds the ball too long=Printers=bad o-line

The hogs must love Porter!!


8) Remember the 1999 team, if I'm not mistaken they only allowed 8 QB sacks for the whole season !!
 I also realize that it was Danny's quick release that attributed to that stat, but that sure was impressive none the less  !!!

This is what I was going to say. Printers takes way too long to find an open man. Porter read quicker and released. I counted 7 seconds on one of Printer's reads. No wonder he got sacked. Yes, the O line needs work, especially in the run category ( as of late) but you watch how fast other QB's get rif of the ball and it makes their O line look good. Is there someone ( probably xtybe) going to tell me that The receivers were more open for Porter than they were for Printers. No, Printers has zero confidence and is also looking for the "BIG" play everytime, so as to be the hero again. keep the O line and sell/give away Printers...

Remember when we traded away our future jumbo O-line to edmonton for a back qb that did nothing but piss us off! Remember this Bone head disitions like that distroy great teams and some one must of been paid off big for distroying our town and pride!