worst offence,worst offencive line!

is it coincidence that both the coaches are from ottawa, the worst team in the league last few years, until this year!..I THINK NOT!!

The O line in Hamilton simply cannot get the job done . They blitzed all night and we couldnt stop it . Maas has zero time to throw the ball and Eakin either for that matter .

not blaming Maas at all habman...
blaming the playbook,the blocking schemes,,
you can see the players totally frustrated with the coaching

Agreed, the QB's are having their pockets collapse around them more than all of Hamilton during the Great Depression. At least back then their was "the Dole". What we are being doled out is unpalatable. As I said in another post the O-line has gotten worse and worse since Carl Coulter left.

Thats what i mean about Hamilton fans , last year it was Danny Macs fault. This season its Maas , do you think maybe thier is a bigger problem here ???

There are two things that Maas had in Edmonton and he doesnt have here and they are .

  1. Jason Tucker who can go deep and will fight for the ball and can get open deep .

  2. Ed Hervey who has very good size and good hands and will work to get open .