worst o-line ever

The major problem and I mean major problem with this team is that O-line. No one could play QB behind that mess for a line and this all falls back into PaoPaos lap. He brought his O-line coach with him from Ottawa and that horrific scheme they use to go with that junk offense. If our GM would get off his hands and actually start adressing the real needs of this team we might actually start to see this Maas we know!

Jamal Cook getting pushed 4 yards back by a LB or a rush end like a 330-pound marionette is not fun.



Sorry, I can't count any higher on my hands, the safety count is on one of them.

See ya!

There's so many problems it's hard to narrow it down, but yeah, the O line is ****.

have to agree, until the o-line is fixed, there is no need to argue the other points ... they may be moot, I tried watching the o-line closely last night, and it was bad, worst I think I've ever seen.....

Hardest hit last night was by Wayne Smith. The intended victim moved and Wayne hit one of our players forcing him to fumble…too bad it was a great hit on the wrong coloured sweater :oops:

Here is the #1 sign most of our problem is with the coaches: the TiLaughs have trouble blocking all day and Maas is taking a beating, so what do they do . . . send out more receivers. Our defense was getting to Butler one series almost every play so what do they do . . . bring in 7 O-linemen to block and have 3 receivers and what happens . . . they score a touchdown and not one of the cats get near the QB on a blitz. The last 4 games we're getting killed at half time and they make no adjustments except put in a new QB who does the same thing the 1st one did. Terrible coaching. The fans had to tell Lancaster to throw the challenge flag for peat's sake! That was at the point in the game when he was still awake and somewhat cared.

The O Line is a huge problem for sure. I know Maas could play anywhere else and do a good job. The only reason Mass throws five yard passes is the line does not keep out the defense long enough for the receivers to run more than 5 yards.

Did you miss watching Regina rush three guys at Eakin and he could not even take a three step drop before he was crushed. Coaching is terrible but the line is horrific and I think they go hand and hand.

The O-line I believe is by far the biggest problem with the offence.

Paopao's offence is based on being able to run the football. It's a short high percentage type of offence.

Those hitch screens and little dump passes and quick hits do work for what they are intended; 5- 7 yards. If you were getting 5 yards rushing on most plays it would be a lot easier to move the football. However, Paopao is still gong with the same play selection when it is 2nd and 9.

But this all comes back to the O-line.
They are unable to open up any holes for the running game.

Ever since Carl Coulter retired the O-line has been in a serious tail spin.

In Marshall's first year, they would use a double tight end set and pickup 8 yards a carry, now they can't even pick up 8 inches.
If the O-line is performing like they should the offence would probably work, as evident in the Winnipeg game a couple weeks ago.

There is no leadership, and the entire squad seems to be in a fog when it comes to blocking assingments. Powell and Cook and getting badly beaten to the outside, and the interior guys are getting smoked in the gaps.
They are too slow and too weak. It seems they don't have the physical strength move the defender away from the point of attack.

I think the first priority is to build the biggest, fastest and strongest O-line in the history of football because only then will the team start to perform.

If they have to go with an entire import line then that is what they should do. But they need to find guys that suited to the Canadian game. Damion Cook had some good years with New England but he is not right for the Canadian game he is too slow.

On the other side, Jamal Powell is getting beat far too many times, this is probably why BC let him go because they knew he didn't have what it takes.

Inside, Smith is having his worst year has a Ticat and Hudson has been average.

I think a big problem is at centre. Marwan Hage, isn't good enough to play centre. I think his assignment calls are wrong too often because there are too many defenders blowing right through the gaps. He needs to read the defensive line and then call the blocking assignments at the line, it's not working.

It's kind of like the Americans going into war. The Marines are the first ones in and they clear the beaches, once that has been done you can bring in the rest of your troops and execute your plan. But no matter how good your plan of attack is if you can't get past the beach it doesn't matter.

This seems be what's happening with the Tiger Cat offence. They have this wonderful game plan devised but they can't get past the line of scrimmage.

There are other problems with the offence but I lay 65% of the blame on the offensive line.

Turn the O-line into a force that would make God himself sense fear and then you will have an offence to reckon with.


worst o-line ever ?
It in the top 5 but not Worst Ever...

Gas Hage, move Hudson to centre.

Start Sciullo in place of Powell.

Give Filice another start at guard.

Right on the button, and if we had any one who cared this would be how you start to fix this team!

O Line ,you are so correct!

We should have grabbed Kahn in the disspersal draft instead of trading our first pick for Homes,he's looked good in Winnepeg....

A Football GM would have known that.

My OL For Labour Day

Right Side
(T)62 HAGE, M.
(G)59 SMITH, W.
(C)52 HUDSON, G.
(G)64 Donnelly, R.
(T)69 WOODARD, J.*

Backups :
60 Filice, F.
65 COOK, D.*
50 Powell, J.*

Amen... point made

i've said this many times. run the ball bang some heads and take it out all the frustration in the gutters of the line.
set up donnelly as 6th blocker and run the jumbo offence down the argos mike oshea 3-4 defence down their throats.
run it until you get it done and hopefully it will kickstart something. then just maybe our play action pass may actually work.

Does the QB or the style of the QB have any effect on how the O-Line plays? Just wondering.

Wasn't Hudson originally a centre? Why did they move him to guard?

If they are still having trouble blocking on Monday then they need to start bringing in more blockers and not more receivers! Put 6 or 7 guys on the line with Ranek and 3 receivers.

This theory does explain why the qb's get rid of the ball so fast and why we can't establish the run.

While I completely agree that our o-line has been abysmal this season, Matt Dunigan may actually disagree as to whether or not this year’s o-line is the worst Ticat line ever.