Worst Nightmare?

Please tell me about the Bombers' greatest rivalry so that I may understand more about the team and their preparation for that particular match-up.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are their greatest rivalry. Every season the home and home series are the most anticipated match ups of the year.

Ya the riders forsure, Labour day classic and then the week after that is the 'Banjo Bowl' in winnipeg, both teams fans are super passionate and the better team (the bombers) usually win.

As I was waiting for my slow computer to load this thread, the following thoughts went through my mind:

Worst Nightmare; What could it be?

Troy Westwood coming back to kick for the Bombers.
Brendan Taman getting a ten year contract extension.
Troy Westwood coming back to COACH the Bombers.
Jeff Reinbold coming back to Coach the Bombers.

Anyways, computer finally loaded this up. Have to agree, Bomber Rider rivalry......

Man, thread titles can be so misleading! :wink: :wink:

Well, as a newbie, I aim to please.