Worst nicknames

I sometimes feel badly for players who get saddled with an unfair nickname that can stick with them for remainder of their career. Example: I just saw Zach referred to as “Sack” Collaros. This seems really unfair to me and unnecessarily hard on the guy.

Another example, though somewhat amusing to all but him I’m sure, was Kamau Peterson getting labeled “Incompleterson” supposedly because he dropped a few passes early on — nevermind that he went on to have a respectable 10-year career, that awful name stuck with him to the end.

Does anybody else have any they can remember? We all know the good nicknames such as Pinball, Gizmo, or even The Rifle, but what were some of the less savory ones?

Well "Dirty Thirty" wasn't exactly savory but somehow I don't think Jim Young found it all that objectionable.


Spaghetti Legs Jackie Parker. But he like the name which was sort of true. Cheers

Masoli had a pretty nasty (and pretty obvious) nickname on the Ticat forum in his first couple of years with the team resulting from what seemed to be a tendency to fumble. Fortunately, he has managed to correct that issue, and I don't think I saw that nickname used at all last year.

How about someone current like Winnipeg's Corey "Poop" Johnson ? Apparently he got the nickname because when he was asked about his weight fluctuation he responded that he tries to poop at least 5 times a day . Geez !!! Talk about being full of crap . ;DHe's probably the only guy who can say he likes 2 a days.....and then some . Poor guy probably has his pants down more than he has them up . ;D

Years ago the Argos had a RB named Gill Fenerty. They nicknamed him 'Gill the Thrill'.. Because of his many fumbles, I knicknamed him 'Gill the Spill' Fenerty... That's the best I got.

Before I was banned for life on riderfans (the crime was discussing football btw) I bestowed them with a nickname which will live on in infamy for former coach Jim Daley - THE WHITE ZOMBIE

I remember Gill the Thrill. I thought it was kind of a cool name, but maybe not :wink:

Ah yup, that would definitely fall into the unsavoury category. I can't wait to hear Rod Black call him that on air :smiley:

The Argos had a tailback in 1977 named Donnie "Quick Draw" McGraw.

He earned a ticket out of town with the nickname Donnie "Quick Drop" McGraw due to fumbleitis!

Has anybody in the CFL ever been called "The Pit bull"? you see that one in many sports, I think the UFC has about three of them at any given time. Soooo lame.

Can't remember his last name but Ottawa had that "Little Ball of Hate" - think his 1st name was Josh - still rostered on a CFL team as little as 2 yrs back - but now fully retired due to chronic injuries!

Josh Ranek. He was last in the CFL with your Riders in 2007:

Excellent question. Earl the Pearl Winfield. The Ordinary Superstar, Johnny Rodgers. Doug "Tank" Landry. Frank "The Professor" Clair. Bill "The Undertaker" Baker. Ezra "Itty Bitty" Landry. Joe "The Throwin' Samoan" Paopao. Alvin "Skip" Walker. Dave "Doctor Death" Fennell. Art "In Heaven" Schlicter. Steve "Oscar" Goldman. Ron "Swampdog" Estay. Ken "Mad Dog" Downing. Tom "Buckethead" Richards.

Doyle Orange - that's his real name!

Randy Rhino. Greg Battle.