Worst "Nationsl" Newspapers For CFL Coverage.

The bad.
Toronto Star- mainly a Blue Jays and Raptors and NFL rag. All the writers there outside of maybe Damien Cox despise the CFL. Dave Perkins is the biggesst basher. Lucky to get one or two CFL articles a week.

Globe and Mail- Always negative about the CFL. Even the CFL writers like DAve Naylor bash the league.
Once again this paper is rah rah for baseball, basketball and the NFL. As are most of its writers.
This paper not a freind of CFL fans.

The okay:
National Post.
Gives the CFL a page usually near the back. But compare that to three pages for baseball or the NFL?
Even the NBA which hasn't even started gets as much or more coverage. Still better coverage then the first two, but CFL is clearly treated as a second rate sport.

The best:
All Sun newspapers.
Easily the best CFL coverage from east to west.
The writers know the CFL and aren't afraid to cover it with the respect it deserves. Even Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, once a basher, in now on board.

As far as writers go.
Herb Zark... in MOntreal.
Rick Matsumoto Toronto
All the western writers.

The worst
Dave Perkns of the STar.
Garth Woolsy of the Star.
Dave Naylor.
Stephen Brunt
Problem with these guys is they're all baseball fans.
So they hate the CFL because they're not used to watching exciting sports.

I agreed with you untill I saw you listed Herb as one of the best writers

I agree I just buy the Sun newspapers. I avoid buying newspapers or watching the sports channels with the least CFL coverage and I shop at RONA

I don't get the toronto star when I'm away at school, but they had two articles on the Argos yesterday, one on the front page, and another one today.

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French papers it's about the same....

From the rest of Canada to those in Toronto. Unbelievable as it may sound, the Toronto Star is not a national paper. I know that Toronto IS Canada to alot of people living in Canada, but it is NOT a national paper.

Anything out of Toronto has very poor CFL coverage. The Vancouver Sun writes very little about other teams other than the Lions. The Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald have a good broad coverage of the CFL in addition to their own teams. Can't say about the Sask. newspapers, as I haven't read them, but I suspect they would be the same as Edmonton and Calgary. I like Mike Petrie, who writes for the Herald (Calgary). He just did an excellent article on all the QB's across the League...a top notch writer.

don’t read the Star. Thank goodness I don’t live in Toronto. What’s the story with Dave Perkins???

Solid paper - Winnipeg Free press.

Wensday there is a Full page dedicated to the CFL(as a whole not just the Bombers)

Doug Brown Writes for the paper, Stegall + Tom Canada write blogs on the website.

Ed Tait is one of the best CFL writers in the CFL, yes he often talks only about the bombers, but the Free press almost always has write-ups about all games in the CFL

There is also Chris Cariou and another guy writing for the press.
The Free press also has a 5-10 minute video every few days about the bombers.

The only reason the free press doesn't do more about other teams is because Ed Tait lives in winnipeg and can't go all the way to Montreal to watch their practices on a weekly basis(along with the other 6 teams(that aren't winnipeg))

Sorry to burst everyone wierd idea that a writer should write equally about all teams, but it is rather hard for a CFL writer in BC to write about Montreal weekly.

Now there should be writers in TO/Hamilton writing about both teams as they are close together, same with any alberta paper should be able to write about both the Eskimos and Stamps

and if Ottawa returns then there should be articles from both Ottawa and MTL.

But does it even matter? it's the age of technology the only use a local paper should be is to provide local coverage, you then just log onto CFL.ca and read any articles you like from other provinces.

do completely agree it's time to stop the CFL bashing, I very much hate how it does not receive enough respect it's the second most popular league in canada and sports writers act like it doesn't exsist in ontario it seems, I am very happy I live in MB

I never question the western papers. They're more CAnadain then what we're stuck with in Southern Ontario.

An example. Rob LOngley of the Toronto Sun wrote that CAnadians should "take pride" because some guy from Toronto played a few downs in the NFL yesterday?

Never mind that there's 100 Candadians playing in the CFL? I guess that don't matter to these Hogtowners.

I don't know how these Hogtown kids were raised, but obviously they don't know what country they live in.

everyday there is a full page for bombers and even manitoba moose, sometimes there is even a full page of all cfl

Wensdays are the full CFL, the name is the CFL huddle(remembered just now lol) although it is sometimes tuesdays(depends on when the blue play and such).

Sundays free press and a 1/4 page recap of the Argo game and I'd expect tomorrows to have 1/4-1/2 a page to the Ti-cat and rider games.(combined)

Yeah, that Paul Freissen does a great job for the Winnipeg Sun. I've even emailed him and he always emails back.

HEre in southern ONtario if we get one CFL article a day its considered a flood.

Problem in this area is our media is full of baseball and basketball and NFL fans. Thats what they know so thats what they cover.

And that has GOT to change!

Not that I've done it often, but I believe most of them do tend to reply. Nod to them for that. :thup:

All Toronto based papers are bad period.
On occasion there may be the best of a bad bunch, but the coverage is horendous.
After living in this US wannabee state for such a long time, I am envious of my CFL brothers out west, where the CFL by en large lives and is given the respect it deserves in the media.

What gets me is you email a Taranna writer for running down the CFL and they have no answer but to name call.

In fact the way some of these guys respond you wonder how they were hired to cover sports in Canada. Sad things is they are the ones who dictate what sports get covered.

Therein is the rub berezin, it is these clowns that dictate to the rest of us and convince those who are sitting on the fence and cannot think for themselves that all other "major leagues" are important.

Yeah these guys always refer to the “4 major North American leagues”?

Ah, lets see. Baseball a major sport in Canada? Only one team left? I don’t think so.

The NBA a major sport in CAnada? I don’t think so.

The NFL a major sport in Canada? How many teams do we have again?

Of course these guys don’t consider the CFL and more and more the NHL a major league sport.

I wonder why?I think we all know the answer, eh? It needs the seal of approval from down south. Thats all these guys now.

Very good berezin99 great points. These peoples attitudes just blow me away. We should have a referendum in the rest of Canada and and ask them to leave.Just say no to toronto. We should be saying the 2 major Canadian leagues and the minor ones mlb,nba,nfl junior hockey but put junior hockey first.