Worst name in the league ???

I actually forgot about this guy from his college days until I read an article on this website ... Craphonso Thorpe !!!! Are you kidding me ?? Am I too late - Have you guys already laughed about the name Craphonso and moved on ??

This post made me laugh so hard that I cried a little. Thanks Winterland!

My pleasure .... We should enjoy this now, with a name like that he is destined for NFL stardom !!

Worst name in the league?... Mike Kelly.... :cowboy:

When I hear the name Rufus Skillern, I crack up. I don't know why. He's an awesome player, but the name just gets me, what a name.

You must have an interesting definition of "awesome".

Yeah, probably.

Jamaica Rector. Whenever I hear the announcers say his name, I immediately think of, "Rectum? It damn near killed him." :lol:

No, that's pretty much a thread killer ... Nice work.

Andrew Nowacki :slight_smile:

although it's not cfl I don't know what Dick Butkus' mother was thinking when she named her son :stuck_out_tongue:

Arland Bruce the third, I hate listening to that every time he touches the ball.

Hank Burris :lol:

We've had a few "thirds" in the league. Arland Bruce, as noted. Prince Wembley III (he also is a nominee for the all-time crazy name team).....Isn't it Marcus Howell the third as well?

Although, going back, my two favourite names were Joe Paopao (pronounced pow-pow, for our newbies)- a great name for a QB.

And finally, the incomparable Junior Ah You. How can you not love that name?

Or how about Rod Black's "JarrettPaytonTheSonOfFormerNFLGreatWalterPayton". . . as if none of us knows that already. . .

Sandy Beveridge??

Anyone here old enough to remember

Randy Rhino

Randy Rhino, played for the Als I think, or Concordes.

OJ Simpson, always thought of orange juice, well, naturally I guess.

Yes Rufus, makes me think of Rufus Wainwright, hardly a football name really. :lol:

BTW, I like Rufus Wainwright's music to set the record straight. :wink:

Again, I really must bring Craphonso back to the table .. If this was a family name or the likes, it would still be unfortunate but excusable. Craphonso; however, as is often the custom in the Southern U.S. is a hybrid of a few names, and picked because it actually sounded good to someone.

That said, Craphonso I wish you all the best in your CFL career !!

I hope Craphonsos was named after a dear family member and was not just a cruel joke by his parents. :wink: